Today is about to be excellent…

Today is about to be excellent…

The last couple of months have been some of the toughest in my life, as I am sure they have for many people.

Life has been testing us in ways we thought we would never see – emotionally, mentally, physically.

But in many ways, that is what life is all about – the test. The response to the test.

The resolve.

It’s like racing in a triathlon – you train to be ready for that big race day, and then when that day comes it nearly never goes to plan… so you adapt, you dig deep and find whatever resolve you have inside you to get you to that finish line.

Today marks that finish line for me, not of the race, but just of the first leg of the race.

We have worked very hard to achieve a very important milestone as a business this week.

We have crossed a very important finish line, but like a triathlon, there is no time to stop for too long – we can just pause for a moment.



There is another leg of this race still to be run.

… and so this morning I ask all of you out there who have been digging deep, who have been tested, who have been stretched in every way to just pause for a moment and reflect on what you have achieved these past few months.

You have been incredible, you have been a true competitor.

But now, as we enter into the next leg of this competition, we go again.

This leg of the race is the one that will define us.

This is where we build on what we have done so far in this competition, and ensure we get to the final leg of the race fit, positive and ahead of the pack.

Today is the beginning of a whole new race.

A new start.

A new opportunity to show up and be all that you were meant to be.

To the prove that all that training you have done was worth it.

Today is about to be excellent…

… because we have decided that it will be.

Join the TRN community where we are committed to making every day, well… excellent!

8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

Just some ramblings from our recent conversations with recruitment leaders around the topic of sales and business development…


  • Create your Own Recovery
  • Swap pessimism for opportunism
  • V shaped return even in a U shape – Capitalise on the new market share
  • Create the change you want to be / Rapid fire evolution.

Control the Controllables

  • Avoid the distractions
  • Move from “difficult” to “different”.
  • Reposition yourselves – strategic partners, not transactional suppliers

Design your New Normal

  • What do we want our new normal to be after this?
  • Don’t let paralysis set in / Re-engineer the way you work now
  • Think – easy to buy, easy to use, hard to get rid of (sticky)


  • Only work on the top 3 core drivers – nothing else matters
  • Meeting, Meeting, Meetings
  • Interviews, Interviews, Interviews
  • Profit – Good business only / maintain margins

Low Hanging Fruit 1st

  • We are spending too long looking for new opportunities – opportunities sitting right in front of us.
  • Existing customers
  • Dormant customers
  • Network maps – who knows who?

Go where the market is going – look at the trends, where is the market going?

  • Who will lose because of Covid? Pivot away from.
  • Who will stagnate because of Covid? Develop a maintenance programme
  • Who will win because of Covid? Target with all you have!
  • Turn non-customers into customers – create and align products to their tomorrow’s needs


  • We have been stopped, started continuously for the past 7 months, and will continue to be.
  • When everyone else stops and starts, the winners are those who keep the momentum going.
  • Create a rhythm, get a daily cadence of minimum activity, weekly cadence of minimum standards.
  • No excuses!
  • Set Weekly Baselines and work in 90 day sprints
  • Activity levels up and above pre-covid times

Pipeline, pipeline, pipeline

  • Who on earth said stop selling?!!!
  • No-one – just adapt how you do it.
  • Make sales strategic – a mapped out and well defined, end to end process
  • Make sales consultative – sell solutions, with products sitting behind them
  • Align and measure marketing impact on sales… or stop doing it!

Access the complete toolkit to help you with all of the above (and more) at TRNWorld – it’s free to join!

The Spring Huddle Speaker Line-up

We’re excited to announce our initial line-up of guest speakers joining us for our Spring Huddle!


Save the date: 30th April 

Where: Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel


As the date gets closer to this year’s Spring Huddle 2019, we are sharing the impressive line-up of guest speakers who’ll be delivering engaging and thought-provoking content to our members throughout the day.

If you’d like to become a part of the Network and enjoy our upcoming events such as the Spring Huddle as well as gain access to a whole range of other benefits for your business, be sure to sign up to one of our many upcoming Taster Sessions here.

Our Expert Lineup

Mandy Hickson

Flying a multi-million pound fighter jet in hostile territory is not an everyday career, and comes with a high degree of pressure and responsibility. It’s a dream job that takes years of ambition, training and commitment but, for Mandy Hickson, it was a dream that became reality. Find out about Mandy’s incredible journey to become one of the UK’s first female, fast-jet pilots and how she overcame many obstacles to develop the skills to succeed in such a demanding career.

Miles Hilton Barber

Blind adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber has, since the age of 50, set numerous world records undertaking extreme events across all seven continents of our world in the fields of mountaineering, desert and polar ultra-marathons, power-boat racing, scuba-diving, motor-racing and long distance, aerobatic and supersonic flying amongst other achievements.

Katrina Collier

Expert and keynote speaker on candidate engagement. Author of The Robot-Proof Recruiter, & founder of DisruptHR London, Bristol, Cambridge, York & Glasgow.

Hung Lee

Co-founder & CEO of Workshape.io & Recruitment Brainfood. Hung is a passionate and knowledgeable recruitment expert who is widely known for his weekly newsletter, Recruitment Brainfood, which gives thousands regular insights to the industry.

Mark Lundgren

Mark is a Global Talent Sourcing professional, specialising in helping companies scale by identifying and connecting with people for future employment. Mark is also the co-founder at Sourcing Challenge and host of the Sourcing Challenge Show.

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International Women’s Day – Celebrating & Encouraging Diversity in the Industry

Friday 8th of March marks International Women’s day. A day dedicated to raising awareness and forging a gender balanced world. This year the theme is #BalanceforBetter. Balance drives a better working world. Let’s all help to create a better and inclusive world by supporting and celebrating the inspirational women who break stereotypes and champion equality in the world as well as the workplace.

As part of our ongoing #RecruitmentMeansDiversity initiative, we’ve interviewed many of these women; fantastic individuals who have some excellent advice, stories, and inspiration.

Considering the growing fight for talent in our industry and the increased emphasis on diversity within our businesses, The Recruitment Network is committed to looking at how the recruitment industry currently attracts, retains, and treats their female talent.

Read our series of interviews from these Inspirational Women from across the Recruitment Industry. As part of our Women Mean Business initiative, we want to shine a spotlight on women in business, so we have conducted a series of interviews with successful women in our industry, to hear from them about the challenges they face and what inspires them.

Interview with Tara Ricks

Included in the 2015 Global Power 100 Women in Staffing list, Ex Director of Randstad UK as well as Chair of APSCo, Tara is a highly experienced recruitment thought-leader and shares her drives, successes, challenges and lessons.

Interview with Carol Rosati

With over 25 years in search, Carol Rosati OBE has championed women in senior leadership for a decade since founding the women’s board network Inspire in 2008 whilst heading up the CFO practice at Harvey Nash.

Interview with Angela Franks

In 2011 Angela took ownership of Macmillan Davies and now as Joint Managing Director, she plays a central role in the growth of the business across its offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester

Interview with Karen Silk

Karen is the Joint Owner and Managing Director of Capital international Staffing Ltd, which specialises in engineering recruitment throughout the UK and Europe.

Interview with Natasha Clarke

Natasha started her career at SThree with Recruitment Specialists Progressive in 1994. In 1997, she was the founding Managing Director of Pathway (now part of Real Staffing Group) and headed up SThree’s first office in the Middle East in 2008.

Interview with Michelle Reilly

Michelle is the founder of 6CATS International. Winner of RI award for Best Supplier Company for Customer Service in 2018. Michelle shares her

Interview with Angela Peart

MD of Utilty People Angela, is passionate about changing opinions on how the industry recruit’s talent. She shares her struggles, challenges, successes and advice.

Interview with Julie O’Neill

Julie is now the Joint Managing Director. McCall sits within Empresaria, the global staffing group.

Interview with Melina Jacovou

Melina founded Propel London in 2001 to help drive and support the talent needs of the digital economy. Propel is now one of the UK’s largest independent digital talent businesses. Melina talks inspiration, mentoriship, challenges and much more

Women in Recruitment Mentoring Programme

At The Recruitment Network we have realised the importance of encouraging and empowering women in recruitment. We have launched a mentoring programme which brings together mentors and mentees to build up and equip women in recruitment with all the tools they need to succeed.

If you’d like to get involved in our mentoring programme as a mentee or a mentor then please click here. 

Below we’ve shared a couple of the stories from individuals enrolled in our programme.

Name: Lauren Cooper

Company: Square One Resources

Position: HR Director

  1. What made you sign up the TRN Women Mean Business Mentoring Programme?

I identified that for me to gain maximum exposure to a wealth of experience I could tap into this by entering the programme which would allow for more meaningful networking over a period of time.

  1. What’s been the value of having a mentor and the mentoring Programme?

I had a tough career decision to make and my mentor helped me see it from a different standpoint and helped me make the right decision in the end, deep down I knew it was, but I needed someone with the right experience to validate it for me.

  1. How has it helped?

Confidence levels, that as usual we sometimes are our own worst enemies and doubt that you are doing the best you can. I realised I also had something to offer my mentor

  1. What would you say to any woman considering taking on a mentoring programme?

I would say, why would you not? Embrace it and be open.

Name: Katie O’Cleary

Company: Boden Resource

Position: Business Support Manager

  1. What made you sign up the TRN Women Mean Business Mentoring Programme?

I currently work in the support function at Boden Resource and there isn’t anyone else that does my job, which includes internal recruitment, therefore I was really interested to speak with someone with the same experience as me and the career path they have taken and how they have got to where they are now.

  1. What’s been the value of having a mentor and the mentoring Programme?

What has been most valuable to me is speaking with someone who has followed a career path very similar to mine and to find out how they have done this.

  1. How has it helped?

As I mentioned before because there is no one else that does my job it’s really interesting to find out how someone in my role should be KPI’d and learning best practices. It is also nice to see what my future may look like if I work hard and see where I can get to in my career

  1. What would you say to any woman considering taking on a mentoring programme?

I say 100% do it, there is always someone out there that knows something you don’t, whether you take 1 thing or 100 things from it, it is 100% worth the scheme

Improve Consultant Performance and Retention by Getting Smarter with Data Webinar 📹

Improve Consultant Performance and Retention by Getting Smarter with Data Webinar 

 21st March  09:30 – 10:30

How leadership uses data sets the tone for how your consultants record their activity. So, how can you introduce a strategy that ensures consultants see the benefit of adding data to the CRM and using it to their advantage?

In this webinar, Joe McGuire, Global Sales Director of cube19, discusses the reasons that agencies struggle with data quality and how solving this can drive performance and improve retention.

You’ll learn:

• How to change attitudes at the top to benefit consultants at the bottom

• What consultants can achieve from recording better data

• How cube19 clients are using data to improve consultant performance and retention.

With Brexit fast approaching, now’s the perfect time to cement your data strategy and leverage the insights that could help you navigate the storm!

How to sign up:

– Fill in our  form below or email support@therecruitmentnetwork.com.

– Our support team will send you a calendar invite.

– On the day, click the webinar link to join (we recommend to join 5 minutes before).

– Engage, ask questions and enjoy!

Your Expert Hosts

Joe McGuire

Global Sales Director - Growth Analytics at cube19

cube19 is the leading Growth Analytics Platform for the global recruitment industry. They help recruitment companies to increase revenue, improve data quality, and motivate teams by putting data at the heart of every decision. Niche agencies to global recruiting brands including Spencer Ogden, ROC Search, and LHi rely on cube19 to drive predictable and measurable growth while improving consultant motivation and retention.

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10 Ways to Show your Candidates & Clients Some Love This Valentine’s Day! ❤️

There’s nothing like the international day of love to get us thinking about ways to show some love to our most important assets; the ones who may not get much attention at all. Our forgotten clients and candidates.

We’ve listed 10 ways you can provide an extra value-add which shows you haven’t forgotten about them, putting you at the forefront of their mind. However, this is more than just an act of kindness as it has many commercial benefits, such as:

  • You’ll be remembered when your services are needed again.
  • You’ll earn some loyalty.
  • You may inadvertently gain some new business.
  • A social share will help promote your brand.
  • You’re practising good customer experience.


🎁 A Personalised Gift

  • Nothing improves a slow day in the office like an unexpected gift hamper! We recommend you do a little bit of research on their social media profiles when sending this little gift. Beers & wine will go down well for some, whereas a hamper may work for others. Make sure you add a thank you card and message too.

📊 Share market information

  • Use your extensive database to conduct some research on your market. You may be able to get some interesting insights from your CRM, or you can conduct a quick survey (type form was built for this kind of thing). Get a designer from fiver.com to make the data exciting and share it with your clients.

📹 Personalised video

  • This is great for those with a licence to a video platform like Hinterview. A video is much more engaging and if you create a quick personalised and heartfelt video for your client, it’s going to be received well & doesn’t cost much.

💌 Donate to their charity

  • If one of your clients is an avid supporter of a particular charity (Have a look at their about section) then why not give a donation and notify them of your support for their great cause!

🏓 Help with clients’ employer branding

  • As a ‘Consultant’, you’re best placed to offer some free consultation and advice for clients. If you know they haven’t got the best talent attraction strategy, offer to help for free (without causing offence)


👋 Check in with some of your previously placed candidates

  • The industry is far too guilty of placing and leaving. Why not check in with one of your previously placed candidates for a catch-up? You can see how they’re getting on and you may just check in when their company is on a hiring drive (but don’t sell too much!).

🗞️ Share out a value add – e.g. salary benchmarks or an industry blog.

  • If you’re doing it right, you and your team should be on the pulse with your particular industry. It’s always a good idea to keep a bank of blogs, ebooks and data you’ve found. However, if you’ve conducted a salary benchmark survey, it can be very useful information for candidates and a quick value add.

☕ Provide an interview pack (Tea/Coffee, directions, good luck card & treat)

  • Got a promising candidate preparing for a job interview? Start their day right by getting them an ‘interview pack’ with some tea or coffee, directions to the interview and a good luck card and treat. This is the kind of thing that will be likely to get shared on social media, so make sure you keep an eye out for the post and interact if you see it.

🤝 Provide a mentoring programme/scheme – arrange mentoring by someone the next level up from them.

  • Mentoring keeps rising in popularity and many ambitious individuals are looking for mentors to help teach them and build them up! Nothing beats learning life lessons from those who have failed, learnt and succeeded! If you’re looking for a mentoring programme, we’ve created one to encourage more women in recruitment (Anyone can be a mentor though!).

👩‍🏫 Invite them to a focus group/career advice meeting.

  • From back to work mums, young people or older people changing career, there are plenty of people who would benefit from a focus group or career advice meeting which you can facilitate. This is a great opportunity to help give your candidate the skills they need to smash their next job interview and only adds to your reputation and brand exposure.

Even if you don’t have the budget to do this with a lot of candidates/clients, many of these options can be arranged from your office and your advice will always remain free.

Your candidates and clients are the most important people to be focused on and by showing them some appreciation, even post-placement, you can gain reputationally and commercially.

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How to be a Winner Webinar 📹

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for recruitment companies to win awards within the industry under a number of category headings and in the wider business world in general. We’ve had many winners within the Network and think that we should have many more as we’ve seen first-hand what it is you do daily and the passion you do it with!

If you’ve ever thought about entering, or even if you haven’t until now, we are pulling together a crack team of experts for a short Webinar on Friday 15th February at 10am to address all your burning questions around what to go for, how to present yourself, when and how to apply etc.

How to sign up:

– Fill in our  form below or email support@therecruitmentnetwork.com.

– Our support team will send you a calendar invite.

– On the day, click the webinar link to join (we recommend to join 5 minutes before).

– Engage, ask questions and enjoy!

Your Expert Hosts

James Osborne

Chairman of The Recruitment Network

Award winning business consultant, advisor and entrepreneur in staffing and recruitment. James works with recruitment business leaders, helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantages acting as Non-Executive Director, consultant, trainer and strategist for numerous fast growth recruitment businesses.

Graham Palfery-Smith

Advisor for The Recruitment Network

Involved in the recruitment industry for over 35 years. Highly accomplished and experienced strategic senior manager who has run a wide range of specialist recruitment businesses internationally, including HW Group, Robert Walkers, Faro and FiveTen Group.

Toby Babb

Founder & CEO at Harrington Starr

In 2010 Toby launched Harrington Starr, the Global Leaders in Financial Services and Commodities Technology recruitment, insight, events & consultancy. Delivering high quality opportunities for professionals on a permanent, retained, contract, and interim basis, they specialise in Financial IT, Commodities IT, Buy and Sell Side Trading Systems, Quants, Trading Systems Sales and Enterprise Technology.

Stephanie King

Head of Recruitment Practice at BlueSky PR

Stephanie King helps deliver international PR & marcomms for the recruitment, HR and talent management sectors. Stephanie provides media relations campaigns, quality content and thought leadership material to BlueSky's ever expanding client base.

Gary King

Commercial Director of The Global Recruiter

Gary is the commercial director of The Global Recruiter, the world's largest recruitment specific magazine, focusing on editorial for those involved in supplying staffing solutions both globally and within their regions.

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Guest experts, like-minded peers, and insights to help you build a plan of action to make 2019 your best year yet.

3 Future-Proof Trends for your Recruitment Marketing in 2019

The world of marketing and advertising is an ever-evolving landscape; what worked last month will land you with zero results the following month. As a result, we’re constantly guessing and adapting. But, if you can figure out which trends will make a difference and establish a presence then you’ll ride a wave of success. Being one step ahead is the best option for any savvy marketer or director looking to stand out in this crowded market.

So, with that in mind, I thought it’d be beneficial before the end of 2018 to list my top 3 trends where I think there’ll be significant traction in 2019 and beyond, so you can enter the new year with some fresh strategies and approaches.

Before we get started, here’s my little caveat. Do you research and plan properly before you implement it into your marketing mix? Too many times we attempt to jump on a new trend, yet give it minimal effort and expect big results.

Instead, conduct market research and determine whether your audience will use this platform. Assign yourself some measurables and determine end goals from this new strategy, ensuring your deadlines are attainable.

1. Video marketing in all forms will make a difference.

The use of video in marketing has long been flogged as the trend to jump on and it’s by no means new and fresh. However, video continues to rise in popularity, especially through platforms like LinkedIn.

The best part of video is that it makes you stand out in what can sometimes be an extremely busy feed. Social platforms give huge preference to native video content and if the content in the video is value-adding, it’s likely it will get views.

Throughout 2018, we’ve been experimenting with video content and have found that if we align the content of the video to our persona’s pain points and create something that is value-adding, it’ll perform remarkably well.

Here are my top tips if you want to get started with video:

  • Do not get too precious about the recording quality, people usually don’t care. Focus on the content instead.
  • Make your video short and snappy – 40 seconds is a good time.
  • Add subtitles to the video, through editing or use a service like rev.com
  • Don’t add a link to the copy. LinkedIn and other social platforms will favour it considerably.
  • Bright colours in the content will make it stand out more.
  • Start with a quick explanation of what the viewer will get out of the video in the opening few seconds.
  • Finish with a related question to encourage discussion in the comments.

From my experience working with various recruitment agencies, video is growing in popularity and becoming an actual KPI for consultants, so it’s a trend you really need to get on immediately before your competitors.

The online community packed full of recruitment content, tools, training videos, guides so you can outperform the competition

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2. Facebooks groups are becoming big

I recently stopped using Facebook and refused to go on it. Every time I logged in, I saw a feed of nonsense and poorly matched content. That was until about a month ago when I began to join Facebook Groups which were related to my professional interests. These groups have very active communities with people engaging in valuable discussions.

The more you interact with these discussions, the more Facebook’s algorithm will favour group activity at the top of your feed. Consequently, my Facebook is filled with value-adding threads about marketing, design and ads and has now become my go-to social media.

This has happened to many users and is down to a recent pledge.

Facebook announced at their first ever communities summit that they are “Setting a goal to help 1 billion people join meaningful communities”. This is a PR friendly way of saying that they’re going to be pushing their Groups feature.

When Facebook makes a pledge with one of their features, it means their algorithms will be programmed to favour content from that feature, much like we saw with Live video the last couple of years.

So, how can recruiters use facebook groups?

A big topic of debate and sometimes considered as a ‘holy grail’ for recruiters is to foster a closed garden community of relevant candidates in which the recruitment agency can almost cherry pick the best talent for their clients. It’s a huge bargaining chip for securing clients and an efficient way of meeting briefs. If Facebook groups are used properly, they can achieve this for you.

Here are my top tips if you want to get started with a Facebook Group.

  • Build a group which is designed for a specialism you recruit in  e.g. Java Developers
  • Lean on your existing candidates to build out the group when you first get started
  • Create a sense of community by assigning active users admin rights as well as having a set of guidelines and rules.
  • Don’t sell directly or straight away in the group – give it time to foster & keep any recruitment talk through private messaging.
  • Create your group and the subsequent threads around your target audience’s pain-points.
  • Invest money in ads to build your audience.
  • Offer incentives to users who help build and grow the group.
  • Offer unique value-adding content to entice people to join your group.
  • Keep the group private and give an easy but interesting test of 1/2 questions to those wanting to join.
  • Gather email addresses through sign-ups and contact them weekly with popular threads or related value-adding content.
  • Remember this is a slow burner and will take community management and effort.

3. Get yourself a bot.

Following our previous blog, in which we covered chat-bots in the recruitment industry, I thought for my final trend we’ll touch on the tech that has been a big talking point in the last 3 of our marketing workshops, the chatbot.

Chatbots sound intimidating like you’d need a degree in computer science to even attempt this. However, it’s really quite simple and is quickly becoming the ‘Email 2.0’ of our generation. I find myself using chatbots more and more as time goes on and with open rates in the range of 80%-90%, we’re currently sitting in the golden age for an exciting new form of communication.

Marketing with chatbots is being dominated by Facebook, with WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) trailing behind. One of our preferred apps to set up a messenger bot would be ManyChat.

Beyond those generous open rates, a messenger strategy will be able to open up a new form of communication with an intimate community which you’ll build very similar to that of email.

With this platform, you can create a fantastic channel which will allow you to share content to your audience, which has a vastly higher chance of getting viewed but also automatically creates the possibility to create a meaningful conversation with your viewers.

If you wanted to get started with ManyChat (which is free), please check out this excellent blog.

Here are my top tips if you want to get started with a Chatbot:

  • Use a value-add to build your audience like an eBook (ManyChat allows you to do this)
  • Experiment with automation for users.
  • Don’t be afraid to use emojis.
  • Ask your audience survey-like questions and feed back the results later.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Try to add as much value as possible.
  • Try to segment your users by what they’re interested in.
  • Use the platform to create a line of communication with the user.
  • Try to respond to messages as soon as possible.
  • Create a job alert chatbot for active candidates.
  • Plan carefully in order to implement properly.

We’re currently implementing our very own messenger strategy within The Recruitment Network for our TRN World platform, which I’ll be creating a case study from later.

This article is a brief insight into all the trends and tech which will be not only be making an impact on marketing, but the recruitment industry as a whole. It’s a fascinating time where data and creativity need to work effectively hand in hand. 2019 is shaping up to be an interesting year and I’m excited about it!

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Future of Recruitment Survey 2019

This December, we’re looking to the future.

2018 has been an exciting and busy year for us all, with things like GDPR making us scramble to get compliant and groundbreaking tech starting to make waves in the industry.

As things start to wind down at the end of the year, it gives us a fantastic opportunity to reflect and plan for the coming months. And, this is something we wanted to reflect in our Future of Recruitment Survey.

So, are you a professional operating in the recruitment industry? We’d love to get your input in the survey.

The online community packed full of recruitment content, tools, training videos, guides so you can outperform the competition

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We’ll be looking at topics such as:

  • The biggest tech trends in the industry.
  • Brexit and the future of the economy.
  • Learning and development priorities in 2019.
  • Compliance in the coming years.
  • And much more…

And, once we’ve collated all our data and got some insightful opinions from industry experts, we’ll be creating a value-packed white paper looking at 2019 in Recruitment, filled with infographics and guides.

Everyone who participates in our Future of Recruitment survey will be given exclusive access to the white paper before release.

Click the link below to get started in the survey.

What does the future hold for Recruitment in 2019? Take part in our annual survey and get exclusive access to all the data and content before anyone else.

How to Get Your Jobs On Google as a Recruiter


How Many of Your Jobs are Appearing on Google?


As you might be aware,  we like to run a weekly poll for the recruitment community, posing questions which have been subject to discussion amongst recruiters. Every Tuesday we ask a different question so be sure to follow us over on our Twitter page to see these. This week, we chose the topic of Google for Jobs.

Following a discussion that our marketing manager had at one of his marketing workshops, this appeared to be a topic which sparked debate. It became clear that delegates had been attempting to get their jobs to appear on Google, but many had encountered issues or been unable to understand the process.

Over 50% of top UK recruiters not “Google for Jobs” ready

When our poll results came in, we found that 55% of the respondents were not actively trying to use Google Jobs, but would like to in the future.

As we are all aware, Google dominates the search market and with its move into the jobs space, it is definitely beneficial to be featured as it is the first point of contact for most job seekers.


Why bother with Google for Jobs?


When we originally wrote an article about Google’s entry into the jobs space back in July last year, it was only in the testing stage in the US. However, due to its success in that market, Google for Jobs is now up and running the UK too. Due to the dominance of the search engine and its success in the US market, it is a must-have for any recruitment agency wanting to get their job postings noticed.

To show you how it works, if we type in “Developer jobs near me”, you can obviously see that Google acts as an aggregator of relevant job listings.

[image_with_animation image_url=”10707″ alignment=”right” animation=”Fade In” box_shadow=”none” max_width=”100%”]

Can I post directly to Google for Jobs?


I don’t think I need to do too much convincing when it comes to the sharing power of ranking highly with Google for Jobs.

But, what we’ve seen from our poll results and conversations, is that many people are confused by how Google works with their job feature.

So, in this article, we’ll list the ways in which you can rank on Google and we’ll link the more complicated and in-depth resources we can find if you’re feeling brave and want to get into the nitty-gritty!

The online community packed full of recruitment content, tools, training videos, guides so you can outperform the competition

Enjoy 7 free days to explore our platform. Learn, develop and grow with TRN World.


So how do I feature?


Google Jobs acts as an enhanced search feature. Google, just like their regular search they only act an aggregator of listings, which their algorithms rank in terms of relevancy, determined by certain criteria you must meet (SEO). The Google Jobs feature works exactly the same, your job listing must honour a set list of criteria set by the Google algorithm which is achieved through something called Structured Data.


How Google finds your jobs


There are 3 ways that Recruiters can get their job posts onto Google Jobs:

1).Websites like Workable offer features in which you can get your job posted to Google jobs.


2). Post to one of Google’s partners’ job boards. Adding a listing to these increases your chances of Google picking up your job. These are:


  • Reed
  • Guardian Jobs
  • Haymarket
  • TotalJobs
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • CV-Library
  • Monster

3).Get technical with Structured Data.

If you want Google to show your company name and link straight to your website, as well as cutting the cost of a job board, then this is the option for you. However, this requires a bit of technical knowledge and the right set up.

If you’re paying for a SEO/Marketing agency to provide you with services, then this should definitely be included in the costings.

But, if you are comfortable working with HTML and have some knowledge of SEO, then you’ll need to utilise Structured Markup so Google crawls your job posting.

Their official documentation to get you started is here.

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Sell Like the Wolf – 17 Selling Strategies From the Wolf of Wallstreet

Jordan Belfort, better known as The Wolf of Wall Street from the Martin Scorsese movie of the same name, has earnt himself a significant level of notoriety from his lavish and turbulent lifestyle. Filled with unbelievable stories of highs and lows, despite his nefarious activities, his sales skills cannot be questioned. Belfort now travels the world to speak and offers sales courses to large corporations.

In this article we’ll cover some of Jordan’s selling techniques in what he describes as his ‘Straight Line Systems’ for making a successful sale.

The Straight Line System

Remember this scene? Jordan built his loyal team of followers by turning ordinary people into ferocious sales professionals. Through his Straight Line System, they went from rookies to masters at closing the sale.

“The Straight-Line System [levels] the playing field for anyone who’d been held back from achieving greatness.”

Jordan has perfected and utilised his techniques worldwide with marketers, sales professionals and persuaders alike, becoming the basis for one of his books.

The Three Elements of a Successful Sale

“Every sale is the same” and every sale is built from the same 3 elements.

  1. The product, idea or concept – Your prospect must fall in love with what you’re selling. You’re aiming for a ‘Level 10’ of excitement and if they’re anything lower than an 8, you need to push them to a 10.
  2. “Trust” the salesperson – Rapport needs to be personal and it needs to be great. If you can’t achieve this then you can’t make a great sale.
  3. The prospect must trust and connect with the company – The final element requires you to aim for compatibility and affinity between the prospect and what you’re offering.

If you achieve these 3 elements, you’ve got the building blocks to a great sale.

Jordan calls these the ‘Three 10s”

“When it comes time to ask for the order…the closer you’ve gotten your prospect[s] to a 10, the better chance you have of closing them.”

The Four Selling Principles

As well as the 3 elements, Jordan outlines his four facets of transaction.

1. “The first four seconds” – You get a mere 4 seconds to influence your prospect’s decision about you. If you can get across that you are “Sharp, enthusiastic, an expert in your field, competent, knowledgeable and professional”, you’ve got a chance.

Belfort explains that you need to behave as if you possess all of these qualities.

2. “Tonality and body language” – Your tone and body language affect your prospect’s subconscious mind and make your ‘emotional case’.

Your tone should be empathetic, sincere and caring.

3. “State management” – Imagine you’ve attained a goal and you’re actively benefiting from it. Visualise this positivity in your mind and use it to influence your sale and pitching.

“If you spend the next few minutes focusing on everything that’s great in your life…then you’ll quickly pop into a positive, empowered state that reflects all those wonderful things.”

4. “Looping” – Use this with the dreaded objection from a customer. Briefly delay a customer objection by looping back to a previous positive from your presentation. Move them along a ‘continuum of certainty’.

If done correctly, your loop will resell to the prospect, increasing their belief in doing business with you.

The 10 rules of Straight Line Prospecting

  1. Don’t waste your time trying to convert unlikely buyers into the passionate prospects you need.
  2. Get the ‘OK’ from your prospect before asking them questions.
  3. Use a script so you don’t waste time trying to think of the best questions to ask.
  4. Start with less invasive rapport-building questions and slowly work into the more intimate ones. You must earn the right to ask the obtrusive questions.
  5. Think about your tone when asking a question and allow empathy and respect to be reflected.
  6. Use body language that shows genuine interest and emotion when meeting with your prospect.
  7. Make sure your line of questioning follows a logical path to allow yourself to look like an expert.
  8. Begin by amplifying the pain point that your product will solve and only offer the solution to their pain after you’ve done this successfully.
  9. Ensure you’re using effective transitions. For example, “So, Karen, based on everything we’ve discussed this placement is a perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why…”
  10. Maintain a logical order in your conversation and try not to deviate from the purpose of the call to make the sale.

“People don’t buy on logic; they buy on emotion, and then justify their decision with logic.”

Taking your recruitment sales to the advanced stage.

Hitting the selling basics that Jordan Belfort outlines here will certainly help you on your way to closing candidates and mastering business development. But, sometimes a little more knowledge of your industry best practice and technique’s will help you step into the realm of the advanced recruiter.

This is why we’ve built a custom course on this exact topic on TRN World, taught by our sales trainer and chairman James Osborne. From lessons in retained and contingents to effective funnels and negotiation techniques. The Advanced Recruitment course will take you from competent to expert.

Find out more here:

James Osborne at Engage 2018 – More Than a Warm Body [Free Slides]

More Than a Warm Body – Engage 2018

James Osborne delivered a fantastic presentation at Bullhorn Engage 2018. He spoke on the subject of retention and engagment within the Recruitment industry. Titled ‘More than a warm body’ James explores the impact of real engagement across your workforce and how to achieve this.

Below we’ve embedded the intro and outro included in the presentation as well as a Slidedeck of the presentation. We’ve also included a download link to the presentation.

Download the slides

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