These communication tips can double your recruitment agency client base

In the busy world of recruitment, agencies are often so fixated on the daily complexities of their jobs that they may miss out on the benefits of an effective communications strategy. Here’s just a few of the most effective communications tricks to double your recruitment agency’s client base:

Communications tips to double your client base


Blogs are a fantastic medium for recruitment firms to demonstrate expertise, drive website traffic and generate leads. By consistently publishing quality content, firms can provide more value for leads and customers, which can in turn lead to improved conversions, higher sales, and better customer retention.

If you can publish a mixture of evergreen content – posts that stay relevant all year around – and topical material, you’re more likely keep potential clients and customers engaged.


Alternatively, if you or your consultants aren’t great at writing, have you considered video blogging? When done well, videos can often attract more attention than regular text content.

There are many studies to show that a video on your landing page will increase your sales, while videos on blog posts will improve email opt-in rates. A survey by Usurv found that users are 39% more likely to share and 36% more likely to comment on an online video compared to a text article.


In today’s digitally driven world, social media is a vital component for businesses looking to double their client base, with recruitment agencies no exception. However, a good social media strategy needs a lot more than luck for it to be a success. It takes thought, structure and tactics to produce content that raises awareness, generates meaningful engagement and creates leads.

No matter what you post, it must provide value to candidates and clients. Before you share anything ask yourself ‘why are we sharing this?’ and ‘what is the value for our target audience?’

Press coverage

Press coverage, or earned media, is an unparalleled way for recruitment firms to raise awareness and gain exposure – and something that can set you well on the way to doubling your client base. While the benefits of this probably warrant their own blog post – here are just a few of the advantages of earned media.

Builds awareness – Press coverages allows you to reach out to your wider target audience, opening you up to far more candidates or clients.

Heightens credibility – By producing thought leadership articles for relevant publications, you demonstrate your industry knowledge and build credibility.

Increases trust – Trust in advertising has been declining for a number of years. However, 92% of consumers trust ‘earned’ media, meaning that a continued presence in the press will boost your employer brand.

Boosts your SEO – Winning press coverage on industry-relevant sites that have good domain authority scores helps you rise up Google’s rankings.


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website on search engine ranking. While many see it as complicated, there are a number of simple ways that SEO can help you attract leads and drive website traffic.

To start rising up the rankings, it’s important to research your keywords. The easiest way to do this is by creating a keyword list using Google’s autocomplete function. Simply Google search the topic or theme of your website or content and you will see a selection of the most frequently used search queries pop up.

You can also boost your site’s rankings by republishing old blog posts. Agencies often have a wealth of useful content that has become out of date, particularly in fast moving sectors. Refreshing and republishing these posts will keep your content fresh and will have a positive impact on your search ranking.

The tip of the iceberg

Ultimately, these are just some of the communications strategies that can help your recruitment agency double its client base. To find out more about how marketing, PR and communications can help your firm, feel free to check out our other blogs on the topic.

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