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Recruiter Motivation: Commission & Incentives

Recruiter Motivation: Commission & Incentives
20 August 2024
13:00 - 13:45


Engage in a dynamic 45-minute interactive roundtable discussion led by James Osborne of The Recruitment Network. Gain valuable insights into the innovative recruitment methods used by businesses to incentivize and retain key employees.

Who For:

Directors and Owners of Recruitment Businesses (sessions available for both TRN Members and non-members)


During this session, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the innovative recruitment methods that leading businesses are implementing. Get ready to dive deep into strategies that are proven to drive success and growth in the competitive recruitment industry.

In this session, we will be covering:

  • Attracting, engaging, and retaining top talent is crucial for the success of any recruitment business.
  • To stand out as an employer of choice, it’s essential to implement top-notch strategies that keep recruiters motivated with competitive packages, commissions, and long-term incentive schemes.
  • These key factors will be thoroughly discussed during our upcoming roundtable session.
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About the speaker

James Osborne