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Solo Advisory Session: Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges

Solo Advisory Session: Navigating Entrepreneurial Challenges
14 June 2024
10:00 - 10:45
Join James Osborne for an engaging advisory session tailored for Owners, Directors of start-ups, and solo operators. In this interactive session, James will discuss effective strategies for scaling your business and maximising personal billings. Below are the some of the topics we will be exploring.
  • What are the stages of development in a typical recruitment growth story?
  • What does my business need to be better at in order to grow?
  • How to improve personal billings
  • What structures work best for scaling?
  • What people do I need around me (critical hires)?
  • How should my tech stack look in order to fast-track growth?
  • How do I manage cash and profitability, whilst investing in tomorrow?
  • What should an early-stage recruitment business’s budget and P&L look like?
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James Osborne