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Tech Strategy

Tech Strategy
29 May 2024
09:00 - 09:45


This event is a 45-minute interactive, roundtable discussion for recruitment leaders looking to explore what the best recruitment businesses are doing to ensure they have a tech strategy that sets the whole organisation up for success, led by Gordon Stoddart of The Recruitment Network.

Suitable for

Directors and Owners of Recruitment Businesses (sessions available for both TRN Members and non-members)

About this session

Join us in this interactive session as we unravel the mysteries of Innovation & Technology in the recruitment sector! We will be diving into the heart of tech strategies, uncovering hidden pitfalls, and unlocking the secrets to success. By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to craft a tech strategy perfectly attuned to your business needs.

We will be taking time in this session to explore what the best recruitment businesses are implementing in relation to their tech strategy, including:

Simple tech use cases to get more out of what goes in
How to build an effective tech stack
How not to dumb down your business with tech
What’s next – future technology that is soon to play a key role in how we work
What does an effective tech strategy look like
How to avoid pitfalls when implementing new technology for your team and customers alike

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About the speaker

Gordon Stoddart