What does your Recruitment Consultant look like heading in 2020?

With 2020 only a few weeks away, what are some of the skills that recruiters are going to need to have and improve moving into 2020 and beyond to stay ahead of the curve?


They’re always open to change.

 Recruitment is no longer a stopgap job or a way to make some quick cash. It’s a professional career that consultants are looking at as a long-term venture.  They take their time to upskill, learn and develop themselves, whether this is through learning new industry-specific skills, improving their sales techniques or becoming better sourcerers using new tech platforms and tools. developing their leadership skills. Recruiters in 2020 shouldn’t be one dimensional, and instead, they should look for progression, learning new skills and being able to provide a stand-out service to their clients and candidates.

 They’re keen to create a personal brand.

 Recruiters in 2020 understand how important branding is and how it can distinguish them from the crowd. They’ll be building their presence on social media platforms, engaging at events, speaking, and offering all the value and insights they can to their wider network. They’ll also understand the importance for their clients of employer branding and propositioning and how they can make their client’s companies more appealing, in turn attracting more talent and making growth easier.

 They’re creators (and consumers) of content.

 Recruiters in 2020 have grown up consuming content, whether it be vlogs, blogs, YouTube tutorial, podcasts or any of the other variations of content. This knowledge means they know the importance of providing REAL value to their audience, whether it be potential clients or candidates. They can create their own content in specific mediums, and understand how to repurpose this content for different platforms, audiences and requirements.

 They’re tech-savvy.

 Whilst 2020 recruiters won’t all be developers, they do have a keen interest in tech, whether that be ai and how it can help by automating much of the recruitment process and in turn free up a lot of their time for the more personal sides of recruitment.  They are using tech to become more agile. Similarly, they are learning how to use new social platforms, learning how to use the algorithms to their advantage and get their content out in front of their ideal clients and candidates.

 They understand the importance of good marketing.

 The marketing and recruitment cycles are very similar and this is something 2020 recruiters will understand. Instead of hitting call times and cold calling every business in their specific niche, they’ll make sure they’re creating creative campaigns that actively engage a higher percentage of candidates and clients as well as using social touchpoints, email marketing and social media campaigns to get the right message out to the right people.

 Here at The Recruitment Network, we are working with recruitment business leaders and their people to grow both their skills and confidence to become true 2020 recruiters, fit for purpose in the evolving landscape we work in.

We are here to bring clarity and opportunity to what is a slightly complex and uncertain time for many. 

We are here to enable you to become the best you can be in 2020 and beyond.