Being Positively Courageous.

With this Autumn Huddles theme being positively courageous I thought it would be best to look at some traits that make us courageous, and what sets those who are courageous apart from the rest.

1 – Embrace vulnerability – if you live a fear-based life you’re less likely to have little or no confidence if you feel afraid of others seeing who you are, open up and be more vulnerable.

2 – Admit you have fears – Admitting your fears and identifying what you’re truly afraid of gives you the information you need to overcome them.

3 – Face your fears – Exposing yourself to what you fear is the best way to overcome it, scared of spiders? Go and handle one and see how you feel after.

4 – Think positively – Sure difficult times will come, but it’s best to overcome these by thinking positively.

5 – Reduce your stress – Easier said than done I’m sure, but sometimes you experience fear due to being exhausted, sleep, good food and exercise certainly help reduce stress.

6 – Demonstrate courage – Take time to help people who are in uncomfortable situations, instead of ignoring people in distress, help.

7 – Know failure but press forward – If you fail, learn from it, keep moving forward.

8 – Cope with risk and uncertainty – Conquer fears by learning to deal with life’s uncertainties. If you fear to lose your clients, or employees, figure out what it’ll take to keep them.

9 – Continue to learn – Grow, learn and improve. Take all opportunities to learn new skills. Read books, consume podcasts and videos, the more you know the more you can grow.

10 – Accept your challenges – Stay the course, even the greatest plans can fail, the best option is to have a plan b, c, d and e to make sure you can get through the challenges that can come.

We shouldn’t let fear drive decisions, we shouldn’t let fear have control, the answer is to be positively courageous!