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The Recruitment Performance Cycle ‘How to Guide’

The Recruitment Performance Cycle ‘How to Guide’

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Last edited May 8, 2023

The Recruitment Performance Cycle ‘How to Guide’

The Recruitment Performance is a very very simple platform that can have a transformational impact on your business and your profitability. It’s not a quick fix and won’t increase your billings next month. What it can do is add immediate value to your team and business and help your scale and build a quality business.

  • It will help you and the team deliver consistent experiences to your clients and candidates
  • It’ll help your team collectively own and improve the recruitment process – it’s a powerful way to drive best practice across the business.
  • It helps get everyone on the same page
  • It links the training and delivery to the recruitment process and creates easy to access training
  • It gives you and your business your own bespoke and personalised training platform
  • You will save time and money
  • It’ll help you and team build your reputation in the market by creating a branded experience
  • It’ll give you a simple framework of continuous improvement

So how does it work? Once logged in you can access the TRN ‘starter for 10’ Cycle and either use it as it is OR as we recommend make it yours. To do this you can:

  1. Brand it – add your logo
  2. Colour it – change the colour of the cycle to match your corporate colours
  3. Name it – give it a name – The Playbook, the ABC Agency Way etc
  4. Your reputation is at the heart of your success – articulate your reputation by decide what you want to be famous for – your brand promise – and articulate it in the middle of the Cycle
  5. Nail the touchpoints – add touchpoints, remove touchpoints, re-order, rename touchpoints (which represent the significant interactions between you and the clients). Once you’ve nailed your touchpoints – they shouldn’t change much.
    • NOTE this one is designed around a perm client experience – it can be easily tweaked to make it reflect the contract/temp client experience. Equally you can add candidate touchpoints. It’s flexible
  6. Best practice standards – this is where the action happens! add/remove/change the  standards within each touch point to reflect your standards and what you want to see happening consistently
    • Add your your own videos, documents and images with each and any of the standards
  7. Make it live and dynamic – add some Actions within the Touchpoints which represent actions you will take to improve the touchpoints (such as review and change a process, run a training session, get some feedback etc)

The Cycle is easy to use, intuitive and when used properly will be an integral part of your business. It’s a living, dynamic framework for everyone to own. It’s beauty is in it’s simplicity.

If you want any support, have any queries or want to discuss it don’t hesitate to drop us a line on

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