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The TRN Winter Huddle Roundup

The TRN Winter Huddle Roundup

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

The TRN Winter Huddle Roundup

After another highly successful Huddle and the first of 2018, we give you a overview of the speakers content and what our members experienced.Members of The Recruitment Network descended in record making numbers on a new venue this time for our Winter Huddle. The Brewery, a fantastic piece of London history, hosted over a hundred experts and recruitment business leaders in the first huddle of 2018.

“My first huddle and I have had a terrific day. Wish I had known about TRN before now!!!”

The air of enthusiasm from our members was palpable, we were here again ready to take our businesses to new heights, leaving with a ledger full of notes and list of actions to implement right at the beginning of the new year; a year which will be record breaking for many of our members.

We had a fantastic line-up waiting for our members, thought-leaders who are on the leading edge of the staffing industry ready to impart their knowledge, helping us adapt to our rapidly evolving market, giving us that vital edge when it comes to outperforming the competition.

Tweak Performance

We’re not ones to settle in slowly, as soon as our members were sat down we hit them with a interactive task based around the power of marginal gains. After watching an inspirational video from David Brailsford, general manager of Team Sky, on how he uses the power of marginal gains; small incremental changes to every aspect of his teams’ performance to help them achieve significant success.

Every table was given 10 balls with different aspects of their business written on them from Employee Engagement to Consultant Productivity as well as a blank document. Each table was tasked with coming up with 3 incremental 1% marginal gain changes they could make to each business aspect written on their balls.

Every single tweak performance idea was collected and sent out to every member of the network. With 13 tables, 10 subject balls and 3 ideas per ball, this means with the power of peer collaboration our members now have access to 390 new marginal gain ideas to implement in every aspect of their business, just from this very exercise.

Ed Steer of Sphere Digital

Next up we had Ed Steer CEO of Sphere Digital Recruitment and a TRN Member. Ed’s presentation was a spotlight on his company and what underpins their meteoric success, growing from an idea 5 years ago, to the 55 strong that they are today. He covered a wide range of subjects from his leadership methods, to the way he promotes and runs his company’s culture. This set the day off well, giving our members something to aspire towards in the new year.

“A unique forum to share experiences, challenges and sense check/test/validate the journey that you are on.”

Johnny Campbell

CEO of Social Talent and industry expert was next up. Johnny took us through the power of purpose in our work. He taught us to look for the whys rather than the whats and hows. Bringing a bit of reality to what we do as recruiters; changing lives and bringing purpose, and how we can effectively leverage the effectiveness of a great story to place candidates. At the close of Johnny’s excellent talk, discussion broke amongst the tables in the room, with everyone inspired to find and share the whys in their business.

David D’Souza and Perry Timms

Next up was a double act of David D’Souza and Perry Timms. David D’Souza is Head of Engagement and London for CIPD and Perry Timms is an international CPD accredited and TEDx speaker on HR, technology and the future of work, so together hold a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with our members.

“Great energy, good range of speakers and content, top people, top event.”

Together they took us through what recruitment and the world of work could look like after automation has really took hold. From the sceptical side to the more optimistic view. It was a fascinating talk that peaked into the reality that will be at our doorstep quicker than we’d like.

Hung Lee and Steve Ward – ‘The Sourcerers’

Hung Lee kicked off after lunch with tech trends that are taking over the recruitment industry and left us with some cracking examples of applications and programmes that are leading the way. The co-founder and CEO of, a high signal, zero noise talent marketplace for technology professionals, certainly knows these technologies inside and out. New technologies that are being used currently were shared with others at regular intervals throughout the talk, with moments of peer to peer discussions.

“For a young director, TRN has provided me with the knowledge and insights to feel confident in the role that I am in, as well as enriching my contribution to my organisation.”

Steve Ward followed Hung with how he has used inbound marketing to increase leads for his recruitment business, Cloud Nine. The experimental business idea was to rely on these inbound leads, setting the marketing up so that clients and candidates come to them rather than going after them. This gave way to some good honest debate and members looking at their inbound rates, thinking of ways to make improvements.

Mark Fritz

Lifting and inspiring at the end of a packed day was Mark Fritz. The World class leadership speaker, mentor, professor and author shared his wisdom with our members on why you never wash a rental car!

“Excellent day, great speakers and content, valuable insights to implement.”

The leadership guru had the whole room captivated with his vast knowledge and expertise, answering some in depth questions and queries as we went from the audience. Our members left with ledgers bursting notes, filled with management pearls of wisdom, ready to tackle the new year.

The discussions did not stop there, as many of the members stayed along after talks had finished to share insights and past experiences with each other, spurred by the topics of the day.

Don’t miss out on another huddle again! Each and every meeting is carefully built around your needs and challenges in mind, leaving you reinvigorated and bursting full of ideas for you to implement in the coming months. What makes us different is that we hold you accountable to the promises you made at our huddles, making sure you implement these cutting edge strategies and ideas.

“Each time I walk away with insightful, inspiring and simple things to achieve mine and the company’s goals.”

Follow this link and submit a quick form, and we’ll get back to you to discuss how The Recruitment Network can transform your business today!

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