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Specialized Globalization & Employment Solutions in Cape Town for offshore Recruitment & Tech firms

CONTINUUM PERSONNEL SERVICES is a Cape Town based group of companies comprised of three subsidiaries that provide specialized employment solutions such as Globalization, Employer of Record, Payroll Services, Recruitment, Human Resources Management and more.


Our niche area of expertise as an Offshore Employment Partner enables international companies to scale & set us teams in South Africa at reduced risk and cost by utilizing our infrastructure to legitimise the employment & onboarding of personnel.


Industries in which Continuum predominantly serves as the Offshore Employment Partner:

  • Recruitment and Personnel Services
  • Tech and Information Technology
  • Digital Marketing & Design


Our goal at Continuum Personnel Services is to be the bridge that brings the Employee and the Employer together to execute the same Vision, Mission & Values.  We aim to be the preferred entity for all solutions pertaining to personnel services and talent acquisitions.  It is our ambition to serve as the BEST by providing informed communication to ensure calculated and efficient results.


We do not provide second opinions, we guarantee competent ones. 


Service Criteria:

  • Offshore Employment Solutions
  • Payroll Services
  • Employer of Record
  • Recruitment
  • Vendor Management Tech


Immigration Services for Offshore Partners:


We have a compliant Immigrations Expert to action applications for secondment permits if/and when our offshore partners require to send any member of management to South Africa at any time.

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