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Unlock the power of global teams in days, not months.

Offer a Complete Global Hiring Solution

You found your clients their ideal candidate. Now what? With our solution, give your clients power to hire anyone, anywhere in the world – no entity required. Your clients can make a competitive, compliant employment offer to international candidates. We provide the HR, legal, tax, and payroll infrastructure.

How do we work with your clients?

Step 1: Your client identifies a candidate they wish to hire.

We help your client generate a compliant employment contract in minutes.

Step 2: We onboard the candidate quickly and compliantly.

Managing time and expenses, setting up compliant payroll, protecting employee data – our technology does all of that.

Step 3: We take on all responsibility and risk.

We’re the legal employer, so we shoulder all risk and legal responsibility of the global hire.

Step 4: Your client has a local presence.

The team member works for your client, and we take care of the ongoing HR services behind the scenes.

Contact: Barry Rudden,

Global 3rd Party Director,

Email address:

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Become a TRN partner

TRN partners work collaboratively with the members across the network to help them achieve their goals and growth plans.

Our partners have been handpicked for being the best in their field, ensuring our members get access to the most up to date support they need to outperform the market.