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The preferred choice Umbrella Company for UK based Contractors, Freelancers & Self-Employed. Guaranteed peace of mind, compliance and security.

Contractor Payroll

We partner with recruitment businesses to offer hassle-free employment and payroll for freelancers, temporary workers and contractors.

Agile and flexible onboarding and payment schedules to suit your business needs, coupled with fast and easy set-up, we can have your contractors being paid in no time.

iConsult is independently audited by industry leading compliance experts Professional Passport. Leaving you safe in the knowledge you and your contractors are 100% compliant.

Our dedicated team is always on hand to manage any queries your contractors may have.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

As an Umbrella Company, we provide a CIS service for all eligible self-employed contractors in the construction industry.

Self-employed CIS

We offer support for self-employed sole traders operating under the CIS scheme. We can help workers to register for CIS, receive and process payments and ensure that the correct deductions are made at source based on your status.

Umbrella CIS

We offer a simple, convenient PAYE payroll solution for individuals where agencies and end clients require an intermediary registered for CIS.

Umbrella CIS is utilised where the worker is unable to pass an SDC assessment for their assignment or where an agency or end client is unwilling to engage with sole-traders as part of their supply chain.

Joint Employment Model (NHS)

Joint Employment could save you money and improve cash flow

This is intended for use in situations where:

▪ iConsult and the agency will jointly employ workers

▪ The agency will place workers on assignments

▪ iConsult handles HR and payroll-related functions

This model offers the opportunity for the agency to reimburse iConsult for staff costs and employment overhead, without iConsult having to charge VAT on these items.


With the changes to IR35 in the private sector looming, we want to ensure that our recruitment partners have the tools and resources needed to adapt to the changes.

For UK recruiters, the changes in IR35 legislation are hugely significant. IR35 legislation has been around since 2000 and recent changes have meant that there will be much more responsibility for recruiters when deciding IR35 status.

With the risk of Debt Transfer a real threat to your business, it means working with a compliant Umbrella Company and getting the work status correct for each contractor extremely important.

We aim to make sure that our recruitment partners are aware of what options are available and how to make the necessary changes.

When it comes to compliance, we’ve got you covered

UK Based Payment Provider
Professional Passport Audited
APSCo and TEAM Approved
Legislative Support & Training

“I was recommended to use iConsult by a friend. The service I received right from the very beginning has been excellent. Long may it continue.”

Dave Johnson IT Service Helpdesk

“I moved to iConsult from another Umbrella company who were completely inflexible. The team have been a pleasure to work with and understand the demands on contractors. A much better company than my last one.”

Gareth Tomlinson Site supervisor

“As a first-time contractor, I needed everything to be explained to me. Nothing was too much trouble, so I felt happy to register with these guys. I’m really pleased I did. No complaints! Keep up the good work!”

Janet Wu 2nd Line Support Engineer

“I’ve worked with iConsult for nearly a year and their service is second to none. The friendly and informative staff are full of knowledge and always make sure I’m paid on time!”

Lillian Twain IT Project Manager