Silver Partner : JobAdder

JobAdder is a global recruitment software solution that helps tens of thousands of agency and in-house recruiters from around the world, find and manage talent more effectively.

Unleash productivity

JobAdder helps recruiters crush boring admin work, so they can get back to what they do best.

A more efficient and productive workforce reduces cost inefficiencies in the recruitment process and across the business. JobAdder enables a more cost-effective way of working, empowering a more productive workforce, that drives revenue growth.

Why recruiters love JobAdder

  • No long term contracts – Rolling monthly subscription model
  • 50% fewer clicks
  • Market leading user experience (UX)
  • Built-in job posting to 200+ job boards
  • Dedicated mobile app for Android and Apple
  • Voice to text functionality
  • 100+ integrations & open API
  • A focus on continuous improvement with weekly product updates and releases
  • Dedicated and tailored onboarding and implementation resources
  • Award-winning support
  • Comprehensive training

Trusted by the best recruiters