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Luna Cloud is an AI company that specializes in recruitment, we can extract every Backdoor Hire from every historical candidate introduction, by running mass searches through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub etc & then delivering the results in a matter of hours.

We’ve ran searches for many recruiters based in the UK & helped bring home £100,000’s of backdoor revenue, our clients like that we provide:

  • A no win, no fee Service
  • Free in-house Data Admin Processing Services
  • A Free Backdoor Fee Recouping Advisory Guide

We guarantee results, so if your company is completely watertight & no backdoor hire results come back, we won’t charge you a penny, and as a result you effectively get a free audit. When Backdoor Hire Results do come back, then hopefully we’ll have made you a very healthy return on investment! Check out our website for more information.

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