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Luna Cloud is an AI company that specializes in recruitment, we can extract every Backdoor Hire from every historical candidate introduction, by running mass searches through LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, GitHub etc & then delivering the results in a matter of hours.

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We help Recruiters bring home placement fees that have been lost to backdoor hires using our cloud-based technology platform.

We’re an AI company that specialise in Recruitment, we can take from any Candidate Introduction (CV Send) only needing the Candidate Name, Company they were introduced to and the date of the activity, we can then extract every Backdoor Hire by running it through a range of data platforms.

We offer a Monthly Subscription Service that will remove the problem of Backdoor Hires indefinitely, while bringing Recruiters a stream of income via missed Placement Fees they otherwise would have been missing out on.

Our Service provides:

•            A No Win No Fee Guarantee, if we don’t deliver any results, we don’t get paid.

•            24-hour Search turnaround

•            Integration Services for any CRM database

Our recent case studies include:

•            UK/EMEA Recruiter – £105K of Placement fees recouped from a 32,000 CV send Search

•            UK/US Recruiter – £61K of Placement fees recouped from a 13,000 CV send Search

•            UK/APAC Recruiter – £88K of Placement fees recouped from a 26,000 CV send Search

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