Gold Partner PGC Group

Workforce Management Made Simple – US and Canada

With its large and ever-growing staffing market, North America represents a huge opportunity for recruitment businesses that are considering international expansion. However, it’s also a very complex and notoriously litigious market.

PGC are headquartered in the Flat Iron District of New York City and have offices in London and Toronto. We are experts in the field of employment in US / Canada and have been working with individuals and businesses for 20+ years; facilitating expansion to North America.

Our solution, called (“Employer of Record” or “Agent of Record”) involves taking on the legal responsibility for our clients’ workforce – employees and independent contractors – managing payroll, taxes, insurances, benefits, contracts, compliance and day-to-day HR issues.

This allows recruiters to effectively and compliantly manage a book of contract business and place contractors with clients in any state of US or territory of Canada.

Our service is powered by our in-house tech-platform, called “Precision”, and we’re passionate about providing five-star customer service to our clients and contractors.

We’re currently working with over 100 international clients operating in North America, including many high-growth recruitment agencies from the UK who have landed in the US market in recent years.

We also have a wide network of partners who can assist with legal, tax advisory and immigration.