Silver Partner Volcanic

Volcanic is a leading global provider of recruitment and staffing websites.
Our trusted technology is designed to offer end-to-end efficiencies. This is delivered by the network effect our extensive functionality offers through our multi-tenancy, cloud-based platform, products, and unrivalled integration capabilities.

With clients in 35 countries, today, when someone applies for a job, anywhere in the world, they’re probably using Volcanic’s technology.

The Volcanic SaaS model provides an easy-to-buy, risk-free, GDPR-compliant web platform, with 30-day contracts offering no tie-ins, no upfront investment and a simple monthly fee. New technology is continually deployed across the platform to keep clients’ businesses ahead of the curve.

Volcanic’s recruitment technology provides a unified platform with SEO embedded into its core to help boost our clients’ ranking. Volcanic puts you in the driver’s seat with its self-service SEO console, powerful job search and location search functions and easy-to-use content management system, all of which combine to give our clients’ best-in-breed SEO.