Thank you 2020!

Thank you 2020!

For the silence on my streets so I can safely walk my dog

For the silence that now exists in my mind to help to clear the fog


For the quality time I have to spend with my children and family

For the quality time to reflect on what this year could have been

… and what it has become.


And thank you to the pessimists in paralysis who opened up the door

For us optimists and opportunists to step in, get on and just do more

Thank you for this opportunity.


For giving us those moments when we could not share a hug or kiss

And so reminding us of all those little things, those people that we really, really miss.

… and that’s for you in particular, mum x


Too many people have faced too much grief this year, and many are still feeling the pain

And we hope we have gone some way to help that with our 10,000 meals campaign


So to everyone out there still suffering, who are lost and not sure what to do,

Remember there are people here now and will always be here, ready to support you.


I’ll never again take for granted those things that I usually forget

And remind myself daily that what I have now is the best I have yet.


Thanks also to my new friends, the strangers, who now stop and say hi

And genuinely care for how you are doing as you walk on by.

Thank you 2020


Thank you for not forcing me to have to commute in the cold and driving rain

To that meeting that might have happened if it hadn’t been cancelled again

… by the time I just got there!


And thanks for the incessant laughs we had as we all looked like technofools,

On that first day in March figuring out those online tools


From sitting in your pyjama bottoms whilst wearing your tie and suit,

To delivering your best presentation with the whole thing stuck on mute.


I have never been so remote from people, so removed and so unseen,

And yet so connected to those little people in boxes on the screen


And if you add all those little boxes together, covid, do you know what we’ve become?

We’ve become bigger, we’ve become stronger, more united as one


So, thank you 2020 for making my business day to day so derailed,

As you’ve actually made my productivity go completely off the scale.

Thanks again.


To the online trolls who’s every dig on social is just another coin in my pot

So thank you, you’re making a positive difference whether you like it or not

… if you know, you know!


To my co-workers, business partners, board members and peers

I am humbled by your devotion, overwhelmed by your strength and lack of fear.


We built this business from the outset to be truly purpose led

To support our members and each other whatever the road we tread.


And like so, so many others, we’ve dug deep, held on, worked harder an-d smart,

But we stayed true to our beliefs and always kept our values at heart


To creativity, resilience, adaptability – they’re Pivots new best mates

That got our backs off from against the wall and stopped us taking covid’s bait.


You didn’t think we’d all just sit here did you and wait for this whole thing just to pass by?

We’ve got no time for that, that’s not our style, we’ve got much bigger fish to fry.


2020 has thrown it all at us but we have thrown every challenge aside

We’re riding this coronacoaster together and we’re taking each turn in our stride.

… thank you 2020 for the ride!


To the experts and scientists for giving us a new form of hope, an end in sight

I don’t quite understand it all, to be honest, but they seem to be getting it right


To the creativity, determination, imagination of the arts

For continuing to bring entertainment to our lounges and to our hearts.

… the show just must go on.


To those delivery drivers who just get on and who you never hear complain

To those flight attendants and pilots who may never again fly planes

… but are now taking off in new ways.


And of course, thank you to all the careworkers, publicans, teachers who are keeping up the fight

And to all the small high street retailers doing whatever they can to keep on the Christmas lights.


Lets’ go out, each one of us now and spend, on gifts and Christmas wrapping

And then join together as one on new years’ eve and restart all the clapping.


To say… “thank you!” to those who have given everything this year

To say… “thank you!” to those who through their actions have made one thing very clear…


Covid, you turned up at our party unannounced and particularly badly dressed

And I have to say, looking at how you danced this year, I have been very unimpressed.


But you have given us a trigger, a unique moment in time

A time to reflect, a time to adapt and a time to re-align.


An opportunity to take what we have learned this year and start a 2021 reboot

Oh, and by the way covid, your mic is now on mute!


Merry Christmas everyone!


Today is about to be excellent…

Today is about to be excellent…

The last couple of months have been some of the toughest in my life, as I am sure they have for many people.

Life has been testing us in ways we thought we would never see – emotionally, mentally, physically.

But in many ways, that is what life is all about – the test. The response to the test.

The resolve.

It’s like racing in a triathlon – you train to be ready for that big race day, and then when that day comes it nearly never goes to plan… so you adapt, you dig deep and find whatever resolve you have inside you to get you to that finish line.

Today marks that finish line for me, not of the race, but just of the first leg of the race.

We have worked very hard to achieve a very important milestone as a business this week.

We have crossed a very important finish line, but like a triathlon, there is no time to stop for too long – we can just pause for a moment.



There is another leg of this race still to be run.

… and so this morning I ask all of you out there who have been digging deep, who have been tested, who have been stretched in every way to just pause for a moment and reflect on what you have achieved these past few months.

You have been incredible, you have been a true competitor.

But now, as we enter into the next leg of this competition, we go again.

This leg of the race is the one that will define us.

This is where we build on what we have done so far in this competition, and ensure we get to the final leg of the race fit, positive and ahead of the pack.

Today is the beginning of a whole new race.

A new start.

A new opportunity to show up and be all that you were meant to be.

To the prove that all that training you have done was worth it.

Today is about to be excellent…

… because we have decided that it will be.

Join the TRN community where we are committed to making every day, well… excellent!

8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

8 Principles of Business Development Success: Mindset, Focus and Cadence

Just some ramblings from our recent conversations with recruitment leaders around the topic of sales and business development…


  • Create your Own Recovery
  • Swap pessimism for opportunism
  • V shaped return even in a U shape – Capitalise on the new market share
  • Create the change you want to be / Rapid fire evolution.

Control the Controllables

  • Avoid the distractions
  • Move from “difficult” to “different”.
  • Reposition yourselves – strategic partners, not transactional suppliers

Design your New Normal

  • What do we want our new normal to be after this?
  • Don’t let paralysis set in / Re-engineer the way you work now
  • Think – easy to buy, easy to use, hard to get rid of (sticky)


  • Only work on the top 3 core drivers – nothing else matters
  • Meeting, Meeting, Meetings
  • Interviews, Interviews, Interviews
  • Profit – Good business only / maintain margins

Low Hanging Fruit 1st

  • We are spending too long looking for new opportunities – opportunities sitting right in front of us.
  • Existing customers
  • Dormant customers
  • Network maps – who knows who?

Go where the market is going – look at the trends, where is the market going?

  • Who will lose because of Covid? Pivot away from.
  • Who will stagnate because of Covid? Develop a maintenance programme
  • Who will win because of Covid? Target with all you have!
  • Turn non-customers into customers – create and align products to their tomorrow’s needs


  • We have been stopped, started continuously for the past 7 months, and will continue to be.
  • When everyone else stops and starts, the winners are those who keep the momentum going.
  • Create a rhythm, get a daily cadence of minimum activity, weekly cadence of minimum standards.
  • No excuses!
  • Set Weekly Baselines and work in 90 day sprints
  • Activity levels up and above pre-covid times

Pipeline, pipeline, pipeline

  • Who on earth said stop selling?!!!
  • No-one – just adapt how you do it.
  • Make sales strategic – a mapped out and well defined, end to end process
  • Make sales consultative – sell solutions, with products sitting behind them
  • Align and measure marketing impact on sales… or stop doing it!

Access the complete toolkit to help you with all of the above (and more) at TRNWorld – it’s free to join!