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About The Recruitment Network

The ultimate support club for recruitment business leaders

We’re an Exclusive Club for Recruitment Business Leaders

The Recruitment Network is the ultimate support club for recruitment business leaders – a unique environment where every component of your recruitment business is challenged and benchmarked against industry best practice, where you can enjoy unlimited support from some of the recruitment industry’s most successful thought leaders and where recruitment business leaders work collaboratively to help each other improve performance, increase efficiencies and significantly grow profitability.

We're proud of our passionate and talented team of staff, directors and board members. Who all come together to give our members the greatest value and experience. Meet each person that makes The Recruitment Network a great company.

The Recruitment Network thrives itself on giving it's employees a great place to build a nurtured and successful career. Find out what underpins our success and what's truly important to us. This is where we post our current job openings, looking for fresh talent to bring a fresh perspective to our offering.

The office is a sporty one! Many of our employees love getting involved in feats of strength to raise money for a variety of charities. Charitable causes and the act of giving back is a massive part of our culture. Find out what project we're currently working on, who we're raising money for and what we've done!

In our Media-Kit section you'll find a variety of graphical resources to use if you'd like to talk about us and mention us. Here you'll find links to download TRN logos, images from events and our latest press releases.