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5 ways outplacement can help turn redundancy into a positive for employees and employers

Firstly, what is outplacement? Outplacement, also know as ‘career transition’ support offers practical and emotional support for employees exiting an organisation, often through redundancy.  This outplacement support will help the […]

Business Development and Account Penetration: Tried and Tested Tools and Initiatives for Recruitment with Industry Expert Simon Church.

Knock out, tried and tested, actionable initiatives that’ll help your recruitment business thrive in 2020. Each takes the form of a video, graphics, a talk through, and detailed notes so […]

Productivity Efficiency and Profitability from your business. Getting Peak Performance from your Business.

Productivity Efficiency and Profitability from your business. Getting Peak Performance from your Business. The Peak Performance summit hosted live at the beginning of September is one of the many virtual […]

Is 2020 the best time to set up a Recruitment Agency?

With a global recession announced and the world in the throes of a global pandemic, some might assume 2020 is the worst time to start a business. But with unemployment […]

Should I Stay or Should I go? A Checklist for Relocating your Office post-COVID-19

Should I stay, or should I go? The question many businesses are asking regarding their city office locations post-COVID-19. With remote work becoming a prominent feature of the ‘new normal’ […]

7 Summits You Need to Watch From Our Expert Line-Up

Something we have always done well is bringing together some of the best minds in and outside of our market. Whether it was at our Huddles, Retreats and now our […]

14 Articles, Webinars, Tools & More You Need to Read Before September 1st!

With the countdown ticking for free unrivaled access to the whole TRN World platform we thought we would share some of the best articles, tools and value-adding goodies packed inside […]

The Recruitment Performance Cycle ‘How to Guide’

 The Recruitment Performance is a very very simple platform that can have a transformational impact on your business and your profitability. It’s not a quick fix and won’t increase […]

Outplacement in a Box – The Ultimate Career Transition Platform for your Employees

The current economic climate is sadly leading to people being laid off and made redundant. It can be an incredibly challenging time for the individuals affected.  We’ve all seen the […]

10 Powerplays you need to watch to get your Recruitment Business Post COVID-19 ready

There’s no denying it COVID-19 has struck a massive blow to the recruitment industry. You as a recruitment business owner or billing manager may be looking at your strategy, business, […]

Jurgen Klopp – My 20 Tips on How to Run a Brilliant Recruitment Business

1st June 2019. On the flight from Paris to Madrid with my son Frank to watch Liverpool play (and beat) Tottenham in the Champions League Final, I struck up a […]

12 Reasons why recruitment leaders need to think about what they are doing right now.

There is no doubt that these are very unchartered waters for recruitment leaders and recruiters across the globe and whilst the current situation we are facing creates immense challenges for [...]

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