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12 Reasons why recruitment leaders need to think about what they are doing right now.

There is no doubt that these are very unchartered waters for recruitment leaders and recruiters across the globe and whilst the current situation we are facing creates immense challenges for [...]

The obstacle is an advantage, not adversity.

Since the covid19 lockdown really kicked in I have been absolutely fascinated, you could almost say obsessed, with one thing in particular over these last 9 weeks, and that is [...]

Women in Recruitment and The Recruitment Network announce new online mentoring programme

Women in Recruitment, the APSCo initiative supported by a range of stakeholders in the recruitment sector, has partnered with The Recruitment Network to offer a free online mentoring programme specifically [...]

Proact, don’t React

I’ll be very honest, I wasn’t actually sure if the verb “proact” was a real word until this morning! I have heard about being proactive, of course and I have heard [...]

Is a CSR Strategy really that important?

The days of running a business solely for profit are behind us and if you haven’t tapped into the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) now is the time to [...]

The DIY Method of Implementing Google Job Postings Structured Data in WordPress

The DIY Method of Implementing Google Job Postings Structured Data in Wordpress   Google Job Postings was launched back in 2017, adding an alternative source for users of the Google [...]

7 recruitment marketing stats you should be measuring and reporting on

Measurement and reporting are loved and loathed by recruitment marketers in almost equal measure.  When done well, they can be used to make important budgeting decisions.  Without them, you’re working [...]

Recruitment business owners: are you ready? Here’s a glimpse into the future of IR35

Recruitment business owners: are you ready? Here's a glimpse into the future of IR35   In less than eight weeks, the new rules will come into force as part of [...]

The Recruitment Network partners with REC to help recruiters prosper.

The Recruitment Network partners with REC to help recruiters prosper. Leading service supplier The Recruitment Network have launched a new business partnership with industry body the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. [...]

These communication tips can double your recruitment agency client base

In the busy world of recruitment, agencies are often so fixated on the daily complexities of their jobs that they may miss out on the benefits of an effective communications [...]

“2020: The Era of the Agency Apocalypse!! Cool your jets, we’ve been here before…”

How many times has the recruitment agency apocalypse been predicted at this stage? Three? Four? The internet, job boards, LinkedIn & more recently, AI bots were all supposed to kill [...]

What recruiters need to know about IR35 in the run-up to April 2020

If you are a recruiter that engages with contractors, the upcoming changes to IR35 in the private sector present one of the biggest challenges in recent years. Whilst these changes [...]

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