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The Profit Maximiser How do you measure success in your recruitment business?... Learn more Pushing Boundaries – Focus and Strategy As part of TRN's New Year Huddle - Pushing Boundaries, members took part in an interactive strategy workshop.... Learn more 80 Sourcing Hacks Booklet Now, more than ever, recruiters need to be unbelievably good at sourcing.... Learn more The Definitive Guide to Marketing Learn the skills and techniques it takes to improve your brand and generate leads.... Learn more Hiring The Best Recruiters – What To Look For And The Red Flags Not To Ignore James Osborne and special guest Dom Waters will discuss what non-negotiables you should be looking for in your potential recruiters from the start.... Learn more Save Money and Maximize Efficiency: Eliminate The Use Of Developers To Tap Into Existing Talent Pools James Osborne and special guest Gary Cordery will discuss how to save money and maximise efficiency with the use of 'no code' technology.... Learn more Navigating The Future Of Technology: Expanding Your Business With Tech Advancements James Osborne and special guests Gareth Nichol and Craig Bell will discuss how to scale tech with your business and plan for the future.... Learn more How Recruiters Can Increase Conversion Rates With Marketing Automation Gordon Stoddart and special guest Alex Faiers will discuss why its recruiters utilise marketing automations to impact conversion rates.... Learn more What Are The New Google, Yahoo and Email Policies Recruiters Need To Be Aware Of In 2024 James Osborne and special guest Adam Oldfield will discuss what the new email policies are and the future updates of Google, and Yahoo.... Learn more Significant Legislative Updates in 2024 The LIVE session discussed the importance of some of the significant legislative changes that lay ahead and how to ready yourself for 2024.... Learn more The Definitive Guide to Productisation Download and read The Definitive Guide to Productisation in the Downloads section of this page - this guide contains everything you need to create a suite of products to take to market, that is fit ... Learn more The Definitive Guide to New Business Development Download and read our Definitive Guide to New Business Development:... Learn more