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TRN Solo

“If you want to surround yourself with quality, like-minded professionals who all share the common goal of growth and maximising the profitability
of their companies then you need to come and have a look. You won’t be disappointed! The Recruitment Network has created something truly unique.”

– TRN Member

The Community for Solo Recruitment Operators

Enabling independent recruitment business owners to maximise their performance, productivity & profitability.

When we introduced our Solo Operator membership, our goal was to empower independent recruitment business owners to meet their strategic goals. This could mean boosting personal billings through targeted business development and account penetration strategies or establishing a growth plan focused on expanding the business and in some cases, hiring staff.

We provide them with the necessary tools, mentorship, training, guidance, and support exactly when they need it.

The TRN Solo community gain access to the full suite of services available in TRN Plus membership, as well as their own exclusive WhatsApp groups dedicated to solo operators and monthly solo meet up sessions, all at an exclusive discounted rate of £199 per month specifically for independent recruitment business owners.

Working with some of the most renowned industry thought leaders and entrepreneurs, we have developed a very clear understanding of the challenges individual recruitment leaders face in their businesses and how best to tackle those challenges, as well as maximise the opportunities available to them from the ever-evolving landscape we work in.

But above all, the real reason why the network has grown so significantly and continues to do so, comes down to the quality of the members who make up the network itself. Members of The Recruitment Network are people we genuinely like, respect and enjoy spending time with – a key element in any network.

The Solo Operators across the TRN community want to be challenged, they want to support the growth of other members, they want to outperform their competition and importantly they want to enjoy the journey.

The Recruitment Network provides the support mechanism to make that happen.

We are passionate about the industry and truly committed to seeing our members improve their performance in the market – we are continuously evolving and adding to the membership offering to ensure that happens.

If you are an individual recruitment leader, looking to maximise the performance of your business and create something really special, we would love to invite you to join us.

To find out more, contact us and we can walk you through what is involved.

We look forward to welcoming you.