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10 Christmas Gifts Every Recruiter Will Love

10 Christmas Gifts Every Recruiter Will Love

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

10 Christmas Gifts Every Recruiter Will Love

Door 2. 10 Gifts that every recruiter will treasure throughout the year. It’s sure to give you some ideas on what to buy them for Christmas.

1. TRN Club membership! Of course, what else would they want?!

2. Stress ball– Being a recruiter can be stressful! A stress ball is great for those stressful moments that we all know can arise!

3. Air bed– for the long days in the office, keep it under the desk and save time on the commute!

4. Supercar Top Trumps– don’t waste your bonus on an actual super car, just play at it instead!

5. To Do List Notepad– We know that recruiters always have a million things to get done, so a ‘to do’ list notepad will help them get organised.

6. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory DVD– Willy Wonka tries to recruit someone to take over his chocolate factory in this movie, so it’s a movie all about recruitment! A very apt present for a recruiter.

7. Masterclasses– Here at TRN we run regular masterclasses on CX, Sales and Leadership at our HQ in Kent. These masterclasses are free to TRN Members’ staff, but they’re also available for everyone. Great idea for a Christmas present with loads of dates set for the new year!

8. ‘Dr Seuss ‘The Places You’ll Go!’– it’s an inspiring and motivating book, despite being for children the message is relevant to all, excellent, easy buy for Christmas.

9. Indoor Plant– they make a nice addition to a desk and there are studies which suggest they have health benefits too

10. Slogan T-Shirt– ‘Keep calm and Trust your Recruiter!’ ‘Hate your job? … Talk to me!’ ‘Recruiter by day, Superhero by night!’






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