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Award Winning Recruitment Agencies – What are the elements of a great company?

Award Winning Recruitment Agencies – What are the elements of a great company?

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Last edited May 2, 2023

Award Winning Recruitment Agencies – What are the elements of a great company?

Winning awards is something that is often used in marketing to make you stand out from competitors but what makes an award winning recruitment company? On a basic level an award winning company has achieved their goals and surpassed the competition – an organisation that can do this is one that has a structure in place that allows the company to run autonomously and successfully and has engaged employees. This comes down to the culture that exists within the business; here are a few essential components that make up the culture:


Employees can be cynical about values that exist within a business – this can be because of the way the business operates and perhaps goes against the values they claim to be part of their operations. Employees can see these as something we tell our clients but when it comes down to how we run our business and manage our employees we do not use the same standards.

Properly implemented values are in fact a great way to ensure our employees are representing our business and service in a similar way. These values that are developed and communicated in a consistent manner become a guide for employees to operate by on a day to day basis.Communication

Communication is important at any level to ensure all employees understand the vision and goals of the company. Communication should be an integral part of any business development. With effective communication throughout the business employees will feel part of the business and engage with new initiatives and members of the team.

The method of communication and who delivers the communication should be chosen carefully so the message will be well received.

Be a Team

Isolating yourself as a leader from the team can create a huge disconnect with employees. If you are segregating yourself away deciding policies and standards behind closed doors and emailing your team these new ideas then engagement with the ideas, you and the company will decrease.

If you regularly mix with your team, talk to them, hear their ideas, share your thoughts etc. you are increasing their engagement levels by making them become involved with and help to shape the future of the business. This teamwork coupled with communication mentioned above will develop a cohesive team.

Employee Development

As a company you should be willing to invest in your team after all it will be your business benefiting from highly skilled and high performing individuals. Talk to your employees on an individual basis to see where they see themselves and what additional skills they feel would benefit their role and subsequently the business. Talking this through will help you both map out a plan for the individual – this is a plan that will demonstrate your commitment to your employee and help to build their loyalty and engagement with the business. Remember you have to back this plan up with actions – simply talking about the training they could have on a regular basis but then not auctioning this can be very detrimental to employees.

With an established and developed culture within the business the team will continue to outperform your competitors, excel in the marketplace and subsequently stand out from the crowd.

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