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Business Development and Account Penetration: Tried and Tested Tools and Initiatives for Recruitment with Industry Expert Simon Church.

Business Development and Account Penetration: Tried and Tested Tools and Initiatives for Recruitment with Industry Expert Simon Church.

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Last edited May 8, 2023

Business Development and Account Penetration: Tried and Tested Tools and Initiatives for Recruitment with Industry Expert Simon Church.

Knock out, tried and tested, actionable initiatives that’ll help your recruitment business thrive in 2020. Each takes the form of a video, graphics, a talk through, and detailed notes so you can implement them immediately and see results. This series is ideal if you’re a recruitment leader looking to develop new skills or as a tool you can use to train up your team of recruitment consultants. 

Churchie’s 20 for 2020 series is included with our TRNWorld package alongside countless hours of additional content in our library, a fully packed toolkit for recruitment professionals, a support network of like-minded leaders, free unlimited training for your consultants and so much more, see all the benefits in our pricing plan list here.

For every placement you make, make four more with Sources and Destinations

It might sound too good to be true, but this approach is focussed on thoroughly qualifying every candidate that you put into the vacancy process. This means understanding all you can about the candidate’s team, leadership, peers and company. Obtain true motives for leaving, and have a clear picture of the complete environment in which each candidate works, as you qualify and prep them for a CV send.

These actions will enhance your reputation as a consultant with candidates, clients and your own team around you. So, reputational gain and performance acceleration, being a recruitment consultant in the true meaning of the word.

Head to TRN World to view the full content and step-by-step guide.

Role Down the Hole – an initiative that’ll take your account management to a whole new level

A client development tool for opening up client relationships, defending what you’ve got and for finding opportunity in existing and future clients. It’s about leveraging your network

It’s a forensic exercise – the more effort you put into this, the better the results.

Role Down the Hole will enable you to do the following for your key client businesses:

  • Gather the names of people actively involved in recruiting
  • Create a map of the influencers/authoritarians within the business
  • Easier connect with client contacts who have ‘other’ vacancies or could introduce you to other influencers and line managers
  • Create a plan to hold, penetrate and grow your ‘highest potential’ clients

See the video and step by step guide on TRN World

Understand your Client’s States of Mind

You cannot expect to truly sell successfully to different customers if you don’t understand their current state of mind.

This tool is equally valuable for recruitment company owners, business leaders and recruitment consultants. Understanding the different customer states of mind will in turn help you work effectively with organisations who operate and recruit in different ways.

Once you are working with the client, you can then decide to influence and drive a change of state in the client, to suit your purpose, and theirs. For example, securing an outsource service once you are clearly the leading supplier to the client.

The 5 States we have identified are:

  1. Chaotic
  2. Large PSL
  3. Small PSL
  4. MSP/RPO
  5. Insource/Inhouse

Head over to TRN World to learn more discover how to approach consulting with and recruiting for these different client mindsets. 

Consulting with Clients on the Ways of Working

Customer States was all about how to determine which state a client is in before/while you approach them and how you can handle them as an existing client to get the best out of the relationship.

The next step looks at the importance of customer states to the client and how as a consultant or business leader, you can sit down with the client and talk about the various ways they can operate their procurement/delivery of resources into their business and how you can advise them through that process.

In this article Churchie outlines the 6 operational states, and how to approach and influence the client in each one.

Head over to TRN World to view the video and content.

Business Planning with The Three Pillars

Planning the growth of a recruitment business isn’t just a matter of hiring more consultants and increasing capacity – you need the three pillars. These pillars have been tried and tested across industries and firm size.

They’ll give you a chance to step back and look at what you have achieved so far, understand why you have had the results and understand the market place before you just repeat the same again and again. The market changes, so we should adapt.

The Three Pillars are:

  • The SKILLS you have inside the business
  • The DIRECTION OF EFFORT in which you take those skills
  • The AMOUNT OF EFFORT/the capacity to deliver activity and the amount of activity in each/every targeted action

The three pillars is an extremely effective activity to do annually and will determine the performance of the business each year and building on them will help you make changes and build on your strengths to reach next years targets.

Head over to TRN World to see the video, business planning template and full article.

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