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cube19 Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

cube19 Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

Written by Becky Edgoose

Last edited May 5, 2023

cube19 Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

Press Release: cube19 Joins The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner.

London, UK – We’re very pleased to announce that cube19, the number one cloud-based business intelligence and gamification platform for staffing companies, has joined The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner.

The Recruitment Network offers an unrivalled network of support to recruitment business leaders with a wealth of experience and knowledge that would not ordinarily be available. “The members are progressive, forward-thinking and want to grow and outperform the market. cube19 complements the ambitions of our members by providing a unique business intelligence and gamification platform, delivering easy to understand, real-time, actionable insights to every employee,” says James Osborne.

cube19 was built to address what is recognised as the biggest issue in the world of staffing – the under utilisation of data to form business decisions. This was often due to an over-reliance on spreadsheets and slow, labour-intensive manual reporting which is almost instantly out of date.

cube19’s reporting allows you to interrogate your data in real-time. Whether you are looking to create a board report, analyse your clients, identify job pipeline trends or optimise the performance of your teams, you can find the answer in a matter of seconds.

There is no reporting functionality in the market that gives you the combined depth, flexibility, and speed of cube19.

Dan McGuire, cube19 CEO says, “We are very excited to join the Recruitment Network as Gold Partner. cube19 is passionate about not only providing companies with business intelligence but also helping them understand the undiscovered usages of the data that they already have. Having a greater insight allows staffing companies to stay ahead of the competition and scale effectively. We look forward to working and sharing our insights with the network’s members.”

The staffing industry is growing at an extraordinary rate with 9000 new agencies in 2017 alone, entering what is already a highly saturated market. This growth means it is increasingly important to utilise all resources available to increase efficiency, productivity and overall profitability.

Download cube19’s latest business intelligence report to find out how well your organisation uses data compared with 135 agencies surveyed.

About cube19: cube19 is the business intelligence and gamification platform of choice for staffing companies, delivering easy to understand, real-time, actionable insights to every employee.

Team and individual performance, client analysis, job pipelines and candidate data are easily and instantly accessible so that every business decision is backed by the precise knowledge of what has happened and what is likely to occur next.

With cube19, everyone in your staffing organisation, regardless of their role or experience can improve productivity and personal performance – without the requirement for analysts, IT staff or specialist knowledge.

Founded in 2012, more than 200 staffing companies across the world depend on cube19 to power decisions that fuel business growth. cube19 is integrated with CRM vendors including Bullhorn, Microdec, Access RDB, Itris and Bond.

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