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How Hiring Firms Can Keep Clients Warm When They’re Not Actively Hiring

How Hiring Firms Can Keep Clients Warm When They’re Not Actively Hiring

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

How Hiring Firms Can Keep Clients Warm When They’re Not Actively Hiring

As a recruitment firm, it is crucial for you to maintain good business relationships with all your clients, even as work trickles in slowly. During unprecedented times, such as the ongoing pandemic, doing so becomes all the more important as it can mean repeat business, lucrative references, and positive online reviews when things get better.

However, the question is – how can you keep clients engaged without being pushy or overbearing even when incoming business is slow? After all, the last thing you want to do is drive them away by being salesy or imperious.

It is a good idea for recruitment leaders to use this time to fortify relationships with clients and keep them engaged. Even if your clients aren’t actively hiring now, it does not mean they do not have major hiring plans for the future. And you surely don’t want them going to a competitor with their requirements.

Mentioned ahead are a few tips in this regard.

#1. Show Interest In The People Behind The Business

In business relationships, it can be easy to lose sight of the fact that your clients are individuals with their own preferences and aversions. This applies to the choices they make around your recruitment-related services too.

It helps to maintain notes on the specific details of your clients, which you can refer from time to time to connect with them meaningfully rather than simply exchange pleasantries. This will help you have conversations on topics that are important to them while building trust and keeping them engaged.

#2. Use Social Media

You can leverage social media to keep in touch with clients over time. Connect with them on social networks and their website’s blog. Comment on their articles and social media posts to register your presence with them.

Doing so will not only allow you to stay informed of the latest developments in their business but also enable you to show your support, which will most likely be reciprocated in future.

#3. Refer And Recommend

Recruitment firms can use recommendations to keep clients warm. For example, you can continue to refer suitable professionals in your network to help your clients get access to better talent, who they can consider as soon as their hiring activity resumes.

You can also reach out to your clients from time to time by asking for their references, even if it is for services unrelated to your business. The point of this is to show them that you value their partnership and their inputs.

#4. Create Newsletters

Create fortnightly/monthly newsletters and send them to your clients to let them know of recruitment industry news, your new schemes, or other valuable information.

This will not only keep them abreast of your current and upcoming services, but it will also help you stay top-of-mind amongst your clients.

Try to focus the newsletter’s content on how your firm’s services and solutions can help clients rather than harping on about your business.

#5. Connect on Special Occasions

This is a great way to stay connected with your existing clients without being promotional of your recruitment support services. Wish them on their birthday or anniversary; send them cheerful Christmas or New Year messages.

You can do this via personalised emails, social media messages, your newsletter, or a good greeting card.

Remembering your client on their special days is an effective way to build long-term relationships and trust with them. They’ll likely consider your firm when they resume hiring or if they need recruitment-related services in the future.

#6. Offer Special Deals

Your recruitment firm can offer clients exclusive deals and schemes for future projects. Or at least let them know about every special offer you’re rolling out for your clients.

This can be a special scheme designed especially for them or early access to a deal that will be opened to other clients later on.

When they know that they stand to receive benefits (which they cannot get anywhere else) by working with you, they will likely start sending their enquiries sooner rather than later.

#7. Meet Face-to-Face

For B2B businesses, conducting one-on-one meetings can go a long way in getting repeat business and references. When you meet your client in person, you give your business a face and put forth the person who is making all the magic happen.

By meeting with you, your clients also do the same thing, which is an effective way of nurturing a business relationship. They will start considering you as more than just a recruitment support provider.

Meeting clients in person doesn’t meet you need to do an elaborate luncheon or dine with them. It can be something as simple as paying them a visit or taking them out for tea.

#8. Write Personalised Emails

We bet you cannot recall the last time you sent your client an email that did not involve a business discussion. Adding a personal touch to your emails can make a huge difference to your equation with them.

Every couple of months, send your clients a personalised email just to say a quick hello. Ask them about what they’ve been up to, how their business is doing, and if there is anything you can do to help them in any way.

Make it a point to include a link to a helpful article or recruitment agency events that may be of interest or value to them. This way, you can connect with your client without coming across as salesy or promotional of your own services. At the same time, the client will acknowledge your goodwill and possibly work with you again.

#9. Ask For Feedback

A highly effective way of keeping clients (who have availed of your services) warm is by asking them for feedback.

This will not only help you maintain contact with them but also enable you to learn about your own performance as a recruitment support provider.

Further, your client will appreciate your asking about their experiences of working with you.

#10. Provide Ample Reassurance

It can work extremely well for your recruitment firm to become a source of constant reassurance during times of ambiguity, such as the ongoing pandemic.

Most organisations have slowed down on the hiring front, leaving the majority of job aspirants uncertain about the future. This is a good opportunity to constantly remind your clients about how your firm is gradually swinging back into action.

You can do this by creating strong communication that reassures your clients of how you’re taking steps to ensure that recruitment functions resume in a way that prioritises your clients’ health and safety.

Make it amply clear that doing business with you is extremely safe by informing them about the policies you’ve put in place to protect your staff and clients.

Doing so will also position your hiring firm as a dependable recruitment leader. Once they are assured of your proactive measures and diligence, they will bring their business to you.

In Conclusion

Keeping clients warm when they’re not actively hiring can be challenging for recruitment firms. However, through proper steps, your agency can overcome it.

Communication is a huge part of the solution. You should make it a point to not only communicate consistently with your clients, but also find more effective ways of doing so. The competition is only heating up, which is why it is important to take the necessary measures and stay relevant in the industry. Hopefully, the above tips will prove to be helpful.

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay/StockSnap

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