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Outplacement in a Box – The Ultimate Career Transition Platform for your Employees

Outplacement in a Box – The Ultimate Career Transition Platform for your Employees

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Last edited May 8, 2023

Outplacement in a Box – The Ultimate Career Transition Platform for your Employees

The current economic climate is sadly leading to people being laid off and made redundant. It can be an incredibly challenging time for the individuals affected.

We’ve all seen the news. Over and above the well known corporations and businesses laying off people, there are thousands of others we don’t hear of. A recent poll of managers by the Chartered Management Institute showed that 35% of managers anticipated making redundancies in 2020. 1 in 5 of those firms expect to cut between 51 and 500 jobs, 1 in 20 expect it to be more than 500 and 1 in 50 are poised to make more than 5000 people redundant.

It can also be difficult for employers who are making changes typically because of financial necessity or the need to restructure. When you’ve made a decision that is hard on the employee, how can you continue to do the right thing by the employee, support them appropriately and also protect your employer brand?

Recruiters and recruitment agencies have the skillset and expertise to help their clients support the affected employees through this period by developing an outplacement support solution.

What is it outplacement? –outplacement support is practical (and potentially emotional) support for individuals being made redundant that helps them move into a new appropriate role as quickly as possible.

Hence why we have developed an online white-labelled outplacement online solution which is free to all TRN members (TRN Club and TRNWorld+) to offer to their clients and anyone else affected by redundancy. You brand it, personalise it and add immediate and significant value to your clients

Outplacement is a service that we should be considering by thinking through the following steps:

1: Define the opportunity – is there a need for outplacement services in your sector/market/client base in the short to medium term?

  • Redundancies are happening and downsizing will continue during 2020. Not every sector or client will be affected.

2: Alignment – would an outplacement offering being aligned to your strategy?  It could:

  • Build your reputation as experts in talent – total talent solutions.
  • Build relationships with clients,
  • Grow the candidate pool,
  • Generate short term revenue.

3: Value – what problem would outplacement support solve for my clients? How would this offering help them?

  • Clients want to look after employees they’re laying off,
  • Clients want to protect their employer brand,
  • Clients want to give a great employee experience, even when letting people go
  • Candidates want help.

4: The proposition – what might the outplacement offering look like? An option might include one or more of the following: 

  • An online solution within unlimited reach and minimal impact on your capacity – ‘smart’ – The TRN Talenteering Solution,
  • One day remote programme for single businesses making multiple redundancies –‘in house’,
  • One day remote programme for people from different businesses – ‘public’,
  • Multiple modules over a period of time – ‘modular’,
  • High end career coaching programme for senior execs – ‘high end’.

5: Content – what’s normally involved? It might typically include one or more of the following:

  • CV writing,
  • Interview skills,
  • LI training,
  • Letter writing,
  • Profiling and assessments,
  • Using Job Boards,
  • Understanding the job market,
  • Building your personal brand,
  • Personal wellbeing and resilience,
  • Career coaching,
  • Registering with a recruitment agency.

6: The pricing – how much would I want to/could I charge for this:

  • Anywhere between ‘free’ to £5,000 depending on the proposition and your objectives,
  • One day ‘in house’ might typically be up to £2k,
  • ‘Public’ places might vary from £250 – £500,
  • Online could be offered on a per business or per person basis – the opportunities are endless.

7: Capacity and resources – have we got the capacity to deliver this?

  • The TRN Talenteering Solution online outplacement solution requires no work if you take it as it is (or you can choose very easily to personalise it by adding your own video or written content),
  • Everything else requires consideration – once developed it can be managed.

Find out more about our online white-labelled outplacement online solution or visit

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