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Should Recruiters use Instagram? | Hoxo Media & The Recruitment Network

Should Recruiters use Instagram? | Hoxo Media & The Recruitment Network

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 2, 2023

Should Recruiters use Instagram? | Hoxo Media & The Recruitment Network

Instagram, that’s just for celebrities and food photos right? This is the attitude many people have with Instagram, believing it’s a very personal social platform with no space for business; let alone recruiters – but this kind of attitude may be stopping you from leveraging what may be a great opportunity.

In this article we’re posing the question “Should Recruiters be using Instagram?” and we’ve partnered with rising social stars Hoxo Media, a social media agency that works for the recruitment industry to discuss the answer.

Instagram isn’t just for food snaps.
A little bit about Instagram

We’re going to assume you’ve heard of Instagram, the visual social media platform which recently surpassed twitter in the number of monthly active users. Instagram offered a refreshing change to the very text based form of sharing, it changed people’s idea of a social network and has been a massive hit with many generations.

With Instagram boasting over 600 million active monthly users it’s a social platform not to be ignored!

Another interesting statistic we found was that 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post. This kind of statistic is important considering many people simply switch off to links and adds on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

So should Recruiters use Instagram to source and how?

That’s where Sean Anderson, CEO of Hoxo media has kindly stepped in and offered his expertise on the matter, below Sean has filmed a video for us talking about this very issue, to help you make the decision on whether to pursue Instagram for your Recruitment Business.

Key points to take from the Video:

Hiring new Recruiters

Instagram, by its very definition, is visual and this is something you can utilise to show off your company culture and help your Talent Attraction Strategy.

When potential new employees go for an interview or apply for a position they’ll research your brand heavily, usually starting on the social channels before moving onto the website.

Instagram is a great way to make your company culture known to the world, solidifying your business as a great place to work and helping potential recruiters connect to your brand.

Attracting Candidates

Instagram is one of the only social platforms where there is no limitation to whom you can direct message. What’s more with DM’s on Instagram being less used by businesses than say, Twitter & LinkedIn, you’re more likely to get a reply.

Try to use that great social persona you have as a recruiter to spark good conversations with potential candidates, just try to make sure they’re people you’ve met personally or engaged with online!

Remember, things like these will not last forever as most social medias crack down on unsolicited messages, so make use of it while it’s still possible!

Winning clients

You can find you can win clients by showing that you’re an industry heavyweight. Post evidence of attending high level events and meeting big name clients which increases your social proof, helping you to negotiate meetings with bigger and better clients in the future.


As the amount of recruitment companies in the UK continues to grow, the tried and tested platforms that we use such as LinkedIn are becoming increasingly overcrowded. So, perhaps trying to tap into lesser treaded grounds like Instagram may prove to be very lucrative for the trailblazing companies that are prepared to take the risk!

Hoxo Media

A massive thank-you to Hoxo Media for helping us out with this interesting subject. If you’d like to learn more about ‘Recruitment’s Very Own Social Media Agency’ then visit their website below:

Visit their Youtube

Check out Sean Anderson on LinkedIn

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