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Sonovate Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

Sonovate Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 8, 2023

Sonovate Join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner

Sonovate join The Recruitment Network as a Gold Partner.


The Recruitment Network are pleased to announce that Sonovate have joined as a Gold Partner. Sonovate provides finance and support to recruitment businesses who place contractors. Currently, over 2,200 businesses use Sonovate every day to unlock cash flow and continue to grow and since inception, Sonovate has funded over £750m invoices at 96-99% advance rate to recruitment businesses and consultancies in the UK.

We are excited to have Sonovate on board as a partner, bringing their wealth of experience and products to members to help them grow and develop. At TRN we really value our partnerships and are excited for the growing relationship between Sonovate and The Recruitment Network. 

James Osborne, Chairman of The Recruitment Network


Sonovate was built to take away the barriers that prevent recruitment businesses scaling. Their whole approach is designed to save you time, get admin out of the way and focus on the work that grows your business.

Sonovate utilises one easy-to-use platform to give you access to everything you need to fund contractors: contracts, invoices, timesheets and payments.

It’s really impressive to watch James and his team add value to their members’ businesses. We look forward to supporting TRN on their journey. 

Co-CEO of Sonovate, Richard Prime

At The Recruitment Network, we are looking forward to a growing partnership with Sonovate and are excited for what the future may hold. If you’re interested in what they can offer, you can contact them using the details below: 

Contact Sonovate:


Website: Sonovate

Telephone020 7112 4949


Follow Sonovate on social media:





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