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The Future of Recruitment is Social with Sean Anderson

The Future of Recruitment is Social with Sean Anderson

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

The Future of Recruitment is Social with Sean Anderson

Door 20 of our #TRN Advent Calendar is the Future of Recruitment is Social with Sean Anderson of Hoxo MediaEvery day I’m faced with a new notice about how automation, AI, and technology will replace recruiters and obsolete the industry.


Safe to say, I’m not worried. It’s always been hard to tell recruiters something they know makes absolutely no business sense.

Recruitment is fundamentally about people and relationships… and if you think Deepmind or an algorithm are going to cement your relationships over a few drinks then you can invest in that. Good luck navigating GDPR and dealing with Tay’s outbursts in the process.

The truth is, we work in an industry rooted in relationships and in 2018 my prediction is that we’re going to move further into the human side of that.

That’s not to say technology won’t be the vehicle in which we travel there.

What does that look like? To me, it’s social media.

That’s nothing new, but as a real avenue for recruitment and in terms of delivering a measurable ROI, it’s still a fairly uncharted territory.

Defining your brand and amplifying it in a crowded market has always been a barrier for agencies. How do you identify your business among the 5,000 or so others setting up in recruitment each year?

It’s why your social voice is so important in establishing this. Instagram and video shouldn’t be afterthoughts in your growth plans because they won’t be in your competitions.

In 2018 social media is a cost-effective way to whittle down your sourcing costs, accelerate the recruitment process, amplify your brand and see a real ROI.

Consider how much it costs for agencies to source a good recruiter? Outside of Rec2Rec’s, referrals and the usual methods, how do agencies define themselves and start that conversation?

Imagine how much you would save if you could find your next top biller on social media through an inbound campaign. For social media to truly fulfil its potential it needs to tie into some avenue of inbound marketing. Every effort has to have a reason, even if that’s the jab jab jab hook approach of Vaynerchuk.

I’ve seen plenty of recruitment figures that govern enviable followers, drive real engagement with posts that absolutely hit the nail on the head within their target market.

Yet, they fail to convert social noise into traffic and traffic into clients, candidates or revenue. 2018 is the year that social media and inbound marketing are married to deliver a measurable impact on an agency’s bottom line.

Social media is here to stay, and the early adopters that can monetise this arm of marketing will capitalise on it in 2018.

Just think, how many agencies have a strategy around Instagram that delivers an ROI? We know it can be done because we do it all the time.

It’s a way to start a conversation with your target market, amplify your brand on a viral scale and drive inbound marketing.

As with all innovations in technology, those that refuse to evolve and adapt will be left behind.

Sean Anderson Hoxo Media



Sean Anderson is CEO at Hoxo Media. Hoxo Media are a unique team of successful ex-agency recruiters, marketing and creative professionals, our passion is to accelerate the growth of a recruiter’s brand by delivering engaging marketing campaigns built on powerful and relevant content. From optimising your online ‘shop window’ to increasing the reach of your brand, they are obsessed with cutting through the noise of a saturated recruitment marketplace, so that your story is the one being listened to.

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