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The #RecruitmentRowathon – The best bits!

The #RecruitmentRowathon – The best bits!

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 5, 2023

The #RecruitmentRowathon – The best bits!

A lot of blisters and aching knees later our seven teams smashed the #RecruitmentRowathon. What a day! We rowed a combined 609,892m that’s unbelievable! Thanks to all the teams that took part! Read our Best-Bits blog recapping the day & the leaderboard!”Who’s bloody idea was this” , “Blimey! That was absolutely awful!!” , “Burn out from the Juniors” – Some of the quotes from our brave rowers at todays #RecruitmentRowathon, 7 teams took on the challenge of an 8hour endurance race for charity, yep you heard that right 8 hours of continuous rowing! We were raising for the amazing charities OPERA Global Youth Foundation, Clic Sargeant and The Shepway Sports Trust.


We all ended up with a lot of blisters on our hands, sweaty brows and wobbly knees but we did it! Rowing a combined 609,892 , absolutely amazing!

And extra kudos to the guys at TXMRecruit who did an Ironman as well as the Rowathon! Going the extra mile.

Don’t forget you can still support our cause by donating here:

We’ve also tallied up the results and the rankings are as follows:

First Place: Niyaa People

Second Place: Atlantic Avengers

Third Place: Calco Services

Fourth Place: Freshminds

Fifth Place:The Recruitment Network

Sixth Place: TXM Recruit

Seventh Place: Marton Recruitment


Twitter was literally taken over by the fantastic teams taking part, tweeting away with some awesome updates, we’ve embedded some our favourite!



– This was the absolute winner for us! Birthday’s don’t stop out diligent rowers!


– Team Calco all pumped for the Rowathon, Team spirit really got all of us through this!


– Team #TRN Rower Ed absolutely putting is all into the row, second time around it was a little more leisurely…


– Awesome backdrop for the Freshminds team! This was before the day started, I bet thumbs were down by the afternoon!


– Team Calco starting strong with Nazir!


– The AtlanticAvengers got all members of family in to take part!


– The Avengers themselves putting in the graft!


– The Calco team, is it strength in numbers?


– The Niyaa boys giving them a huge headstart in the competition!


– Marton bringing out the secret weapons!


– Jen putting in the hard-work for the Freshminds team!


– It was getting close at the 11am mark!


– Mid-day carbs for the afternoon energy!


– Mike was getting everyone all G’d up at Calco!


– Welcome Ironman James Osborne pushing us to the 50k mark!


– Martons Andy Knight feeling chuffed at his teams effort!


– TXM Going the Extra mile, they did an Ironman also!

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