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The Ultimate List of Blogs the Recruitment Business Leader should be following in 2017!

The Ultimate List of Blogs the Recruitment Business Leader should be following in 2017!

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 2, 2023

The Ultimate List of Blogs the Recruitment Business Leader should be following in 2017!

As a leader It pays to keep yourself refreshed and constantly in a state of self improvement, as you never know when you might need to tackle a specific issue in your varied role. Reading a variety of blogs regularly is one of the best ways to keep yourself up to date in the different fields that now affect the new era of recruitment. But actually hunting down the best blogs is a long process (We know) so we’ve collated a HUGE list of 50blogs chocked full of thousands of articles in Recruitment, Leadership, Customer Experience, Marketing & Sales.

So we encourage you to keep a few of these excellent blogs on your regular reading lists and we implore you to share your favourite in the comments.

Here’s our table of blogs, click on the link to jump to each one.

Recruitment Blogs

Leadership Blogs

Customer Experience (CX) Blogs

Marketing Blogs

Sales Blogs

Recruitment is a forever changing sector. Whether it be a revolutionary new market opening up, a change in government legislation or a new piece of software that’ll save your consultants much needed time. It pays to keep your ear to the ground, as a Recruiter you never know when a choice article might transform your business. So we list our top 10 Recruitment blogs.

1. Social Talent

Johnny Campbell and the team behind Recruitment Sourcing Software Social Talent, produces daily articles that should always be on your reading list – Their specialities lie in social selling and the art of Recruiting in the modern era.  

2. Global Recruiter

Global Recruiter just isn’t only one of the best global Recruitment magazines, they also have an excellent informative blog. Keep up to date with their regular updates from various Recruitment experts and latest news in the recruitment industry.  

3. Betterteam

Job posting platform Betterteam have an excellent blog, that cover a huge range of topics for candidates, consultants and leaders alike. One of the most standout features of Betterteam are their Infographics, that are great for easy to digest information and statistics.  

4. Undercover Recruiter

I’m sure you’ve already heard of Undercover Recruiter. It’s a huge online blog with a massive bank of articles, ranging from leadership to HR and everything in-between. Written by guests, experts and their resident bloggers, this blog has some very well informed and insightful articles that’ll improve your knowledge in the recruitment sector.  

5. Hunted

We love the blog from Hunted and so do 30,000 Recruitment professionals globally. Hunted produce daily blogs for Recruitment Consultants and leaders as well as a huge catalogue of excellent industry content! One of our favourite parts of Hunted’s blog is the articles from ‘Undercover Recruiter’ Ed Hunter who produces great satirical pieces on recruitment!  

6. Recruiting Daily

Recruiting Daily is another blog that offers such a wide variety of articles from consultants to leaders. With this blog being based in America it’s good to keep an eye on their future insights, because Recruiters being ahead of the curve is key to success.  

7. ERE Media

ERE Media is probably the biggest blog in the Recruitment list. Posting around 4-5 articles per day, ERE media will have some great content you’ll certainly learn from. Composed of three different blogs that handle Recruiting, HR and Sourcing, ERE media is a behemoth of insight, always a worth a daily look.  

8. Barclay Jones

Barclay Jones are specialists in helping Recruitment businesses up their technology, marketing and social game and their informative blogs and podcasts are no different, helping their readers up their recruitment game with the latest in technology and marketing.  

9. Workology

Uk based blog Workology provides daily articles around social and tech in the Recruitment industry, as well as tips, insights and guides. They also have a podcast that: “Gets to the bottom of trends, tools and case studies for the business leader, HR and recruiting professional who is tired of the status quo.”  

10. Monster

Our second job board blog that we’ve posted, but we’ve posted it for good reason. Monster creates a blog that both recruiters and candidates can enjoy, while throwing a little splash of humour and real world issues into their content.  

Leaders are made not born and the best way to do this is to learn from the mistakes and successes of those who are further along in the journey, we’ve listed 10 blogs from leadership experts who have a great range of blogs to help you become an inspirational leader.

11. Harvard Business Review

The Harvard Business Review is a well respected, thought leading publication and their ideas on strategy, business practice, innovation and leadership will resonate with Leaders in any profession. Keep this blog on your radar.  

12. Leadership Blog

This great blog will find you flicking through hundreds of great practical and thought provoking leadership articles. Brought together by a community of hardened veterans. If you’re a keen reader this blog also has a great book club where they review and recommend good leadership books.  

13. Leadership Now Leading Blog

The LeadershipNow blog invites the mission of changing the way you think about leadership. Their articles, features and books will help you adapt your mind set to think differently and establish yourself as a good leader.  

14. Three Star Leadership

Three Star Leadership gives you daily articles from the mind of Leadership expert Wally Bock. A guru who’s devoted his time to studying and learning best practice in Leadership, with the goal of passing it onto you!  

15. Center for Creative Leadership

The Center for Creative Leadership gives you daily blogs, that are easy to digest and inspire. Covering some of the simple, yet overlooked aspects every good leader needs to remember.  

16. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin is a marketing and leadership legend, producing a myriad of books and content on marketing and leadership. The best part about his personal blog is he posts every day! Little snippets of wisdom that we feel may help those with a little pickup on motivation and business leadership.  

17. Thought Leaders LLC

The Blog from Leadership Training company Thought Leaders LLC. They produce a regular stream of great engaging content for any business leader.  

18. Leadership & Management LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn have a great curated gallery of all the latest thought provoking articles from Influencers and professionals across LinkedIn, this is a great place to stop for some real world and cutting edge insights.  

19. Suzi McAlpine Leadership Blog

Suzi McAlpine is a New Zealand based Leadership expert and Coach, who has a great and insightful blog where she produces regular articles on Leadership called The Leaders Digest.  

20. Duarte Blog

This American based creative firm helps companies realise and pitch their big ideas, and their blog reflects the whole presentation aspect which is their craft, learn how to create killer presentations and speaker with confidence when pitching, a valuable skill to anyone in leadership and management.  

A good company knows the benefit that a great customer or client experience can have for the success of their business, from return business, a great reputation and increase financial gain. Customer experience is a great thing to actively pursue, but in reality it can sometimes be difficult to know what direction to take or where to start, so hopefully some of these great blogs can help you up your CX efforts.

21. People Metrics

The Customer Experience blog from CEM Software helps readers learn about customer experience management, increasing customer retention and improving the customer experience.  

22. ClearAction CX

Customer experience management consulting firm ClearAction have a great blog where they produce consistent well written articles, giving you advice and insights into the world of effective Customer Experience.  

23. Beyond Philosophy

Touted as the first Customer Experience consultancy in the world and with an impressive 5 best selling books to boot, Beyond Philosophy know how to do CX right and their weekly articles show exactly this.  

24. KPMG Nunwood

International customer experience consultancy KPMG Nunwood produce weekly articles sharing insights, best-practices and the future of CX in the industry.  

25. Nanorep’s Customer Service Experience Blog

Nanorep are at the forefront of providing innovative technological solutions for online Customer Experience, like virtual-assistants, artificial intelligence and ‘smart-bots’ and their weekly articles reflect this new frontier of Customer Experience. Read this one to keep in the loop for online CX.  

26. Customer Think

Customer Think blog offers their readers daily bites of Customer Experience wisdom, from a whole variety of different sector you’re bound to find actionable advice from this great website.  

27. from Salesforce

When the brightest minds from one of the biggest CRM providers in the world write about Customer Experience we think it’s worth giving them your time. look at improving B2B CX from a variety of angles, including internally and with the newest tech.  

28. Heart of the Customer

We’ve got another blog from a successful CX consultancy. Heart of the Customer in championed by Jim Tincher who has had an impressive career working for some of the biggest US brands, their blog offers some great insights into tackling the customer experience!  

29. Bain & Company

Net Promotor Score is a staple of the CX world, so who better to get your advice from than the creators of that very concept. The insights section of their website is full of an impressive amount of articles from lots of different industry’s.  

30. Shep Hyken’s Customer Service

Shep Hyken is a Customer Experience expert and keynote speaker working with companies and organizations who want to build loyal relationships with their customers and employees. Shep releases weekly articles on CX as well as a hosting a podcast called ‘Amazing Business Radio’  

Marketing now plays a huge role in recruitment and recruitment companies that are adopting the tools and techniques of the marketing world are seeing tremendous results. From brand exposure to effective talent attraction marketing can help the savvy transform their business. Here’s our list of 10 Marketing blogs, we’ve tried to capture blogs from the different sectors in marketing (As it’s a big industry with lots of nuisances)

31. Sumo

Sumo are a Marketing heavyweight who offer CTA technology for websites. Safe to say they know their stuff and produce huge long form articles tackling some of the most pressing issues in marketing – If you’ve got some time to read, their blogs are very insightful.  

32. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner are experts in all things Social Marketing related. Any business who wants to succeed will know the importance of social, but it can be a minefield of information, so get grounded with the daily articles from these guys.  

33. Moz

Moz are a SaaS company whom supply robust analytic tools for SEO use. SEO is their specialisation and they produce lots of articles from both their internal team and outside experts. Also check out their great ‘Whiteboard Friday’ video every Friday, with their Founder Rand Fishkin, an expert in all things SEO.  

34. Marketo

Marketo provide high-end marketing automation software used by some of the biggest companies out there. Marketo’s blog provides their audience with daily blogs covering a whole host of marketing subjects that will help you improve your marketing know-how.  

35. HubSpot

HubSpot are one of the most well known Marketing/Sales SaaS and CRM companies out there, they’ve cemented their reputation by creating tons of articles on everything marketing and sales related, even offering free online courses to get you through the basics. HubSpot should always be a staple of your regular marketing reading, there’s always something they can teach you!  

36. Kissmetrics

A big part of marketing is gathering and using analytical data to work on your processes and improve, but that can sometimes be a difficult task. Kissmetrics eat and breath data and metrics producing great articles and a podcasts tackling just this matter.  

37. WordStream

WordStream provide online advertising tools to help marketers get a better grip on the sometimes confusing subject. Their blog produces daily engaging content that helps their readers transform their marketing know-how.  

38. Business2Community

This huge blog website pools loads of articles from experts all around the web, learn the basics to specialised niche marketing theorems from this website.  

39. Digital Marketer

This website’s mission is to connect and engage with thousands of marketing professionals helping to produce and share the most cutting edge and up-to-date marketing advice for their readers. Get onto their blog to get excellent long-form posts that’ll help you learn marketing.  

40. Duct Tape Marketing

This large scale marketing consultancy helps hundreds of companies take control of their marketing efforts. Read their blog and listen to their regular podcasts to learn their trade secrets and knowledge.  


This message board for marketing professionals is a great platform to collaborate, discuss and learn with thousands of marketing professionals all over the world. We love to jump on this website regularly to get the jump on some of the biggest issues and changes in the industry!  

As we’ve spoken before in our future recruiter article, good sales skills will be as important as today for the recruitment industry. The latest tech may make our lives easier, but nothing is going to replace a passionate and switched on sales minded consultant who is able to sell their candidate or client to achieve the best placement. Luckily we’ve listed our top 10 sales blogs that will help you learn Sales to the maximum.

41. Hubspot

Another entry for heavy-weight Hubspot, not only do they have a great marketing blog but they also produce daily Sales articles, as well as free tools and guides to up your sales acumen.  

42. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker is a dedicated blog to help you: “Learn the latest B2B sales tips, tactics, strategies & technology from the industry’s top thought leaders”  

43. Iannarino Sales Blog

From the mind of renowned Sales Speaker and Author Anthony Iannarino, he brings regular content that shares insights into the mindset and thinking behind being a great Salesman, his articles are thought-provoking and definitely worth a read.  

44. Openview Labs

Insights, actionable advice & founder interviews aimed at helping you grow. Openview Labs offers you a huge variety of great articles in different subjects like Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and Leadership.  

45. LinkedIn Sales Solution

Another great dashboard from LinkedIn in which they accumulate all the best articles and insights from Sales Thought leaders and influencers on LinkedIn. Keep your eye on this site to get the latest sales knowhow and knowledge.  

46. Engage Selling

Engage Selling is the blog behind author and sales trainer Colleen Francis, her blog releases regular articles and great videos that will help you improve your sales skills.  

47. Grant Cardone

Love him or hate him Grant Cardone has made himself known for his “Go big or go home” 10x way of selling, and his regular content reflects this way of thinking, if you’re looking for some inspirational thought-leadership or practical sales tips then Grant Cardone has it for you!  

48. TopLine Leadership

This one is for the Sales Manager who’s looking after a team of Sales professionals, TopLine Leadership offers weekly articles that will help you transform and guide your Sales team.  

49. Heinz Marketing

Sales and Marketing consultancy Heinz Marketing has a great blog that has a good focus on both sales and marketing advice, yet their biggest selling point is their ‘Sales Pipeline Radio” podcast in which they host Q&A with many experts in the sales field.  

50. Bridge Group

Bridge Group help businesses transform their sales activity, so their blog is going to be nothing short of insightful. Learn cutting edge techniques and new ways of thinking with their regular blogs.  

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