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These 12 Management Ways will help you Become a more Respected Leader

These 12 Management Ways will help you Become a more Respected Leader

Written by Gordon Stoddart

Last edited May 5, 2023

These 12 Management Ways will help you Become a more Respected Leader

Respect is earned not given. Do you want to be the type of leader that influences and changes the lives of the people around them? Follow these 12 management ways to become a leader that can truly earn respect.Great leaders can have the power of truly effecting the people they work around. We can influence them to pursue greater things, grow into a better version of themselves or inspire them for the rest of their lives. Is that the kind of leader you want to be? Well, this comes from the leaders who are truly respected and admired by their people. Respect is earned not given, but you can certainly earn the respect of your subordinates by implementing these 12 ways.

Set the standard with a strong work ethic

Actions truly do speak louder than words and as a leader you should champion the work ethic of those around you. This kind of genuine passion and drive to work hard and set the benchmark only comes from those leaders who truly love their job and the position they’re in.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and be more decisive

Like the above point a leader needs to lead from the front and be a decisive force, you need to be able to show a clear direction and goal, so the rest of the team can follow. A decisive leader knows what they want and isn’t afraid of ruffling a few feathers to get there. Changing your mind and decision on a penny is a sure way to lose respect and show yourself as a weak leader.

Show respect for those around you

This one is truly a given, if you find yourself showing little to no respect for the people around you then you’re setting yourself up for failure right from the start. Great management is built on trusting and believing in those below you, if they’re lacking in certain aspects then it’s on you to help them build on those skills and inspire them to believe they can do it.

Believe in yourself

Yep, management is full of uncertainties and many decisions. But, the one way you’ll stand tall is by believing in your ability. This doesn’t mean you should go it all alone, there’s no harm in bringing in your team to discuss the direction you need to go, in fact we encourage it. But, a leader who questions their own ability and their place will see that doubt spread into everything they do, helping no-one.

Be positive

A positive attitude is a must! Humans are fickle with their emotions, if you come to your team with a bad attitude you’ll quickly find the rest of your team mirroring your mood. A team with a negative attitude will destroy the productivity from your team.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

A good leader will spend time knowing how each aspect of the job and will never be ‘Too Good’ to muck in with the rest of the time to get the job done properly. During the early SpaceX days Elon Musk would regularly pitch in with his engineers to build the Engine for the Falcon 1, even though by that time he was a multi-millionaire 3-time CEO. A leader who gets their hands dirty will connect with their employees on that personal level and build respect, showing that you’re not above their job.

Admit when you’re wrong

There’s no place for a big ego in effective leadership. There’s no weakness in admitting you’re wrong from time to time. As a decisive leader you’re going to take a few ‘leaps of faith’ for the directive future of the business, but a great leader will take responsibility and admit the faults of their decision, don’t try and blame others because that will get you no-where. 

Solutions not problems

A great trait of a respected leader is when employees or projects present problems they’ll actively try to get a solution rather than create more problems. It can sometimes be difficult finding a solution to a problem, but it needs to be your modus-operandi to find the solution no matter what.

Give effective feedback

Effective feedback is something we teach in our Next Generation Leaders programme and is a cornerstone to getting the most from your people. Feedback if done right can not only help you grow, but also effectively build and better your people. 

Be Available

If you’re never there, then you’ll never build respect. A good leader is always available to talk from business to personal. Respected leaders treat their team like their families, always available to lend whatever aid they need to help them. Employees who feel their boss has their back and will help them when they need it most will respect their boss insurmountably.

Listen and learn

A true leader never feels they’ve ‘learnt everything’ as there’s always lessons to be learnt from their team and what they bring to the plate. A respected leader listens to their people and take on everything they say, learning and moving the collective effort forward.     

Be fun

There’s no need to be the stoic type all the time, respect is earnt not only from being an effective manager of people but also from being able to let loose and create an environment which their team enjoys being part of! People who believe their workplace is a fun environment will be more engaged and more likely to stick around. 

Publicly acknowledge success

If your team are putting in that graft to really get something completed or have shone on an occasion which deserve special recognition, then it’s always a great idea to either reward them or publicly acknowledge their successes. This will help them feel proud of their achievement and let them know you recognise their efforts, helping build loyalty and respect.

It’s the little micro-moments in leadership where you go that extra mile and show everyone that you truly care for them and their well-being that will help build a genuine respect for you. So, stress about those little details and moments and make them habitual and recognise it will take time to build if you truly want to gain some genuine respect from your co-workers.

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