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Lead & Gain Workforce Solutions

LGWS is a US based Employer of Record servicing UK recruitment firms. In just a few clicks we onboard, pay, and manage compliance for your contractors and internal employees. 

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Founded by global staffing experts, LGWS helps recruitment firms scale without the need for a US entity. LGWS takes on all of the administrative and legal burden of onboarding W2, C2C, internal employees, and global remote workers. 

What we do:

  • Onboarding- With just a few clicks, you can onboard internal employees and contractors in the US & around the world. 
  • Reliable payroll- We handle contractor payments: Corp/LLC, W2 & global remote workers. We’ll take care of benefits, tax registrations and more. 
  • Maximum Compliance- Mitigate risk & confidently place workers in all 50 US states- we’ll handle the legal contracts. 
  • Timesheet Management & Integrated Systems- With our innovative platform, you can manage onboardings & timesheets in real-time and access custom reports all in one place.  

What makes LGWS different?

  • Manage all US and global contractors and US internal employees with one user-friendly platform for full visibility from onboarding to offboarding.  
  • No industry restrictions (i.e. tech, pharma, engineering, construction, etc.)   
  • No need for US entity.  

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