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Refer. Reduce. Reverse.

We are passionate about expanding the TRN community and love how existing members of TRN continuously introduce us to their network. We are also passionate about giving back and making a difference to the world we live in.

So, we have brought those two things together to create the TRN GreenTicket™️ initiative.

We're building a forest

Any existing TRN member or partner who refers another member or partner who signs up to TRN will be given a TRN GreenTicket™️.

For each TRN GreenTicket™️ TRN will commit to planting 20 new trees every month for a year, therefore removing the equivalent of 15 tonnes of C0² from our atmosphere.

Refer a member

Reduce C0² emissions

Reverse our
impact on climate change

Hall of Fame

Kim De'Ath

Director of Client Experience

  • 1 referrals | 20 trees

Ricky Martin


  • 1 referrals | 20 trees

Barry Maloy

MD of Simplicity

  • 2 referrals | 100 trees

Samantha Maxwell-Reed

TRN Mentor

  • 2 referrals | 100 trees

Gavin White

CEO of Autotech

  • 3 referrals | 150 trees

Anthony Goodwin

Chairman of Antal

  • 1 referrals | 50 trees

Trees Planted


Each GreenTicket™️ holder will receive an e-certificate to show the impact they are making both to the TRN community but also to the world we live in, and added to the TRN GreenTicket™️ Hall of Fame.