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#TRN November Update

#TRN November Update

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

#TRN November Update

­We’re half-way through November already and we’re keen to share with you how we’ve been doing, Succession Planning, REX, Taster Session, Diversity, LinkedIn, testimonials and more…

­We’re half-way through November already and we’re keen to share with you how we’ve been doing. In the run up to the festive season we’ve been ramping up our activity with things like the succession planning month, our LinkedIn event, Diversity in Recruitment, REX & our Taster session.

Succession Planning in Recruitment – The first of our new content strategy.

We’re trying something a little different in the coming months, our marketing team have been hard at work crafting an interesting strategy, where we tackle an industry issue each month. We’ve kicked it off with Succession Planning in Recruitment.

With it being mid November already, we’ve produced 3 of the 4 planned articles. View our overview page here

The first instalment of our succession planning month we started by looking at Succession Planning in Recruitment, what it is and why you should have one in your recruitment business.

In the next release we discussed How to Build a Bulletproof Succession Plan, with a step by step guide taking you through the process.

Next we ask (and answer) the question of Internal vs External Succession Planning, then finishing the month looking at what happens when it goes wrong.

Recruitment Expertise Dashboard (REX) – Available to everyone!

The Recruitment Expertise Dashboard, proved to be very popular with our members, so we thought why not bring the great content to everyone? – So here it is live and free to visit whenever you want!

REX is home to a whole host of videos on cutting-edge talks about CX, Sales, Leadership, Recruitment and Marketing from industry thought leaders. Our goal is to create a place Recruitment professionals can jump on and find a whole host of entertaining, thought-provoking and value adding videos relatable to them and their profession.

Last week’s additions saw an interview with Goldman Sachs Head of Human Capital Director, Edith Cooper, and her interviewer, Deborah Frances-White, discuss diversity, leadership and creativity.

This is something we’ll be updating every single week, and if you want to be the first to know what we’ve added then don’t hesitate to sign-up to our mailing list!

#RecruitmentMeansDiversity – Our new exciting initiative

Diversity within your company is vital if you want the inner structure of your business to represent the world we now live in. To create a harmonious balance between different under-represented groups and nurture inclusiveness it is key to make the right decisions and create positive initiatives that focus on diversity.

This article is one of many in our new initiative here at TRN #RecruitmentMeansDiversity, where we hope to shine a spotlight on how the recruitment industry currently attracts, retains and treats their talent.

We’re kicking off the initiative with Women in Recruitment and as a starting point we are conducting a survey. The aim of the survey is to further explore the perceptions around women in recruitment businesses. With your help in completing the survey we hope to learn more about what women face when working in recruitment, with some area that we can implement change to encourage more women in the industry.

The survey only takes 5 minutes to complete and we would greatly appreciate your input. Head over to the survey here.

LinkedIn to Business Growth

On Monday the 20th we co-hosted a morning event with LinkedIn at their awesome HQ in London. It was a fascinating session facilitated by LinkedIn’s resident experts. We helped our attendees develop new approaches to grow their business. Looking at using LinkedIn for candidate sourcing and business development, how to build your followers and how to understand the data and insights gathered from LinkedIn in your business.

We’ll be hosting many more of these events in the near future with our partners, helping to grow and empower not only our members but the industry as a whole.

Leadership, Sales and Customer Experience Masterclasses – Empower your consultants.

As part of our expansive value-adding membership package, each member of The Recruitment Network is able to send their consultants on unlimited training sessions on Leadership, Sales and Customer Experience. With regular dates we help you to revolutionise your workforce and increase business performance with your most valuable asset, your people.

The Next Generation Leaders Masterclass is designed to equip delegates with the confidence and ability to inspire great performance, and unleash creativity, passion and energy from individuals and teams. You’ll gain access to techniques, tools and approaches which allow us to be the type of leader we want and need to be. Find a date for the next Leadership masterclass here.

The Strategic Recruitment Sales Masterclass is designed to ignite, motivate and empower recruitment sales professionals to achieve and sustain consistently high quality of sales activity through the development of innovative and tactical sales strategies. Find a date for the next Sales masterclass here.

The Customer Experience and Account Management Masterclass is Specifically designed for delegates who interact with customers in their role focusing on engaging customer emotional experience, which influences customer behaviour and spend. Find a date for the next CX masterclass here.

We also offer these dates out to non-members too, so don’t miss out on these fantastic masterclasses. The classes are free to TRN Members and are £325 + VAT for non-members.

Some great case studies – See how we’re empowering our members

As we build our network we’re able to talk to some of our loyal members and see how they’ve grown, transformed and achieve some fantastic milestones; all with the help from their TRN membership.

Gavin White – Autotech Recruit 

We’ve helped Autotech put in place a 3 year business plan, to help them grow from 12 to 25 staff, upgrade an office, double turnover, triple GP figures, increase net profit by 6 times and win award!


Read the case study and view the video


Angela Peart – Utility People 

We’ve helped Utility People improve their reputation, transform their structure, achieve a predicted growth of 20% for the next 2 years and helped them break through the ceiling allowing them to finally see a positive future!


Read the case study and view the video


Dalvinder Shoker – Niyaa People 

We’ve helped Niyaa people to put in place a 3 year strategy and plan, helping them grow from 17 to 25 and increase net fee income by 20-25% for the next 12 months.


Read the case study and view the video


What’s coming up in December?

The future of Recruitment advent calendar – We’re very excited for this, during the month of December we’ll be releasing a ‘Content Advent Calendar’ behind every door will be a unique piece of content with the theme of ‘The Future of Recruitment’ and we’re bringing a whole host of industry experts together to create a unique value-adding look at the coming years in recruitment!

#TRN Taster Session – We’re hosting an event that will offer a taste of our member experience in a compact 2 hours. Free for Recruitment business owners, we’re offering the chance for the attendees to bring their most business critical challenges and growth aspirations, and we’ll work with you to develop a roadmap of success. Find out more here.


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