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All Things AI and Future Tech

All Things AI and Future Tech
1 May 2024
14:00 - 14:45


This event is a 45-minute interactive, roundtable discussion designed to help understand some of the latest developments in technology that are here now and that is about to arrive on our doorsteps, led by James Osborne of The Recruitment Network.

Suitable for

Directors and Owners of Recruitment Businesses (sessions available for both TRN Members and non-members)

About this session

Change and evolution is guaranteed.  So too is the growth and influence of technology on a recruitment business.

Whether we like it or not, ignoring the rapid progression of technology will guarantee we will get left behind.

In this session, we will be exploring how certain tech is transforming the way we work as an industry and how some recruitment businesses are embracing tech in their businesses to ensure they stay ahead of the curve.

We will be exploring the following topics:

  • AI – how recruitment businesses are embracing Bard, Claude and GPT-4
  • Simple tech use cases to get more out of what goes in
  • How to build an effective tech stack
  • How not to dumb down your business with tech
  • What’s next – future technology that is soon to play a key role in how we work
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About the speaker

James Osborne


James is an award-winning business consultant, advisor and entrepreneur, with an international board level background in the staffing and recruitment sector, ultimately as GM within one of the largest HR and Recruitment service providers in Australia. As Chairman of The Recruitment Network, James works with recruitment business leaders, helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantages acting as a Non-Executive Director, consultant, trainer and strategist for numerous fast-growth recruitment businesses.