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Kickstart 2024 with TRN's Tools... We are providing some free tips, ideas and strategies from industry leaders across the recruitment sector. Help yourself, but if you want more, remember to sign up to a TRN Free account.

You can also listen to a number of interviews with other recruitment business owners and industry experts on the TRN Podcast, to see what they are doing to maximise their performance, productivity and profitability.

Knowledge Hub

The Progression of AI in Recruitment

James Osborne and Ben Cawood discuss the rapidly progressive state of AI and tech in the recruitment industry.

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Significant Legislative Updates in 2024

The LIVE session discussed the importance of some of the significant legislative changes that lay ahead and how to ready yourself for 2024.

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Scale Up In The USA in 2024

James Osborne and special guest Maria Drye will discuss how you can do profitable recruitment in the USA.

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Aligning Brand, Marketing and Sales

How are the industry leaders mapping out their branding and marketing strategy? Find out in our TRN Christmas content that will set you up in 2024.

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How to Become High-Flying Recruiters

TRN brought a LinkedIn Live with industry experts Ryan McCabe and James Osborne on what it takes to become a High Performing Recruiter.

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Increasing Team Performance with a Top-Tier Talent Pool

James Osborne and special guest Amy Roeks from MyPeople will discuss increasing performance outside of the usual bonus and commissions

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The Definitive Guide to Strategy and Business Planning

Download our complete guide on how to plan for your business, including tools & techniques to ensure future success.

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The Definitive Guide to Productisation

Download and read The Definitive Guide to Productisation in the Downloads section of this page – this guide contains everything you need to create a suite of products to take to market, that is fit for purpose, easier to sell and easier to buy.

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The Definitive Guide to New Business Development

Download and read our Definitive Guide to New Business Development:

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