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Ep 6 – John Gaughan and Mark Dexter

Ep 6 – John Gaughan and Mark Dexter

Ep 6 – John Gaughan and Mark Dexter

Episode 6:  John Gaughan and Mark Dexter

The Recruitment Network provides a platform for successful recruitment leaders to share their stories, experiences and perspectives on what it takes to get to the next level. In this episode, we present an engaging conversation between two great business leaders:  John Gaughan, CEO at Finlay James and Mark Dexter, Founder of KDR. 

Sneak Peak:

 John Gaughan:

With 27 years of experience within the recruitment industry, John is personally involved in the placement of thousands of sales professionals within the Tech/SaaS Sales and Marketing space with some of the hottest Tech companies in the world.

Mark Dexter:

As the Founder & CEO of KDR Recruitment, I’ve channelled my interest in data, technology and analytics into finding likeminded people and introducing them to businesses around the world who use their data to drive crucial business decisions

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