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Recruitment Leaders Dubai Meet Up

Recruitment Leaders Dubai Meet Up
11 December 2023
17:00 - 19:00
Tonino Lamborghini Bar & Restaurant on top of the Radisson Hotel at West Palm Beach

On the 11th of December, James Osborne, advisor to several recruitment businesses around the world and co-founder of The Recruitment Network, will be hosting an informal get-together of recruitment business leaders from the UAE to discuss, debate and share ideas about the lessons learned from 2023 and what recruitment businesses need to be focused on in 2024.

We will explore what some of the fastest-growing, profitable recruitment businesses are now doing to optimise their business models and maximise the market.

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About the speaker

James Osborne


James is an award-winning business consultant, advisor and entrepreneur, with an international board level background in the staffing and recruitment sector, ultimately as GM within one of the largest HR and Recruitment service providers in Australia. As Chairman of The Recruitment Network, James works with recruitment business leaders, helping them to achieve significant growth, performance improvement and competitive advantages acting as a Non-Executive Director, consultant, trainer and strategist for numerous fast-growth recruitment businesses.