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The Definitive Guide to New Business Development

Download and read our Definitive Guide to New Business Development:

The Definitive Guide to New Business Development

The Definitive Guide to New Business Development

This guide contains everything you need to know when building a New Business Development Strategy.


Introduction to the Sales Funnel

  1. Operation Phoenix Intro
  2. The Buyers Journey and the Buying Stages
  3. The Sales Funnel

Above the Funnel

  1. Buyer personas and personal branding
  2. The marketing funnel to help build your marketing plan
  3. Raising Market Awareness and Using Market Case Studies
  4. Lead Generation – Prospect Generators
  5. Lead Generation – Reverse Marketing

In the Funnel

  1. Avoiding the common recruiter sales mistakes
  2. The definition of good business and qualifying a role
  3. Micro Research and Customer Mapping
  4. Developing the right mindset
  5. Engaging with Prospects: Video and Telephone
  6. The Capability Statement
  7. Sales Questioning
  8. Creating a Proposition
  9. Presenting the solution and pitching your products
  10. Writing Persuasive Business Proposals

Ready to Close

  1. Managing the Red Flags
  2. Negotiating
  3. Closing Clients


  1. Implementation
  2. Expansion

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