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The Talent Ecosystem – Ken Brotherston Learn more Episode 45: Claire Brindle and Daryl Williams Learn more The Impact of a Purpose-Driven Business Learn more Making Your Recruitment Business More Efficient – Sofia Broburger Learn more Building Trust & Transparency in Business – Jim Holland Learn more Episode 44: Jasmine Ramtoolah & Grant Taylor Learn more Recruitment Marketing with Clair Bush Learn more Episode 43: Nicola Morgan & Shayne Simpson Learn more Scale Your Recruitment Agency With Innovative Sales And Marketing Tactics: Securing Top Placements Learn more Understanding Human Behaviour with Paul McGee Learn more LinkedIn Live: Revolutionise Your Approach To Business Development: Leverage Your Common Challenges Learn more The Impact of Communication – Jonathan Hooley Learn more Episode 42: Simon Gregory & Harriet Lavender Learn more LinkedIn Live: How To Grow Your Contractor Book Securely – Focusing On Best Practice, Compliance And Maximising Technology Learn more Scalability and Efficiency in Recruitment – There Is Another Way With Amit Somaiya Learn more Episode 41: Dan Prince and Dominic Warman Learn more Why You’re Losing Candidates In The Application Process: Master The Journey Learn more Understanding your company culture – Russell Beck Learn more Episode 40: Janine Mostyn and Denise Brady Learn more Hiring The Best Recruiters – What To Look For And The Red Flags To Look For Learn more Bridging Generational Gaps in the Workplace – Ryan Jenkins Learn more Episode 39: Ben Batten and Alex Marsh Learn more LinkedIn Live: Save Money and Maximize Efficiency: Eliminate The Use Of Developers Learn more Personal transformation – leadership, communication and fulfilling potential – David Thomas Learn more Episode 38: Marcus Nanson and Paul McClatchie Learn more Navigating The Future Of Technology: Expanding Your Business With Tech Advancements Learn more Mastering Effective Scaling – Philip Hanna Learn more The Google Yahoo and Email Policies Recruiters Need To Be Aware Of in 2024 Learn more Building a Learning Culture – Sarah Tate Learn more Episode 36: Philippa Smith and Paul Smith Learn more Mental Health in Recruitment – Rhonda D’Ambrosio and Kate Hayward Learn more Episode 35: Lukas Vanterpool and laura Hewett Learn more How Recruiters Can Increase Conversion Rates With Marketing Automation Learn more Charlie Sell: Standing out in recruitment and leadership lessons learnt. A journey to listen to! Learn more Episode 34: Ben Lillington-Lester and Tom Goldberg Learn more Empowering your business with AI – Christina Chen Learn more Episode 33: Ben Mannion and Ian Gerstein Learn more Increasing Team Performance By Building A Top Tier Talent Pool Learn more Building a BD Machine – Simon Church Learn more Episode 32: Adam Smith and Abigail Stevens Learn more Doing Profitable Recruitment In The USA: Why, When, Where And How? Learn more The True Cost of Employee Wellbeing – Nic Smith – Founder of The Flourishing Coach Learn more Episode 31: Filip Nilsson and Paul Miles Learn more Significant Legislative Changes Ahead For The Recruitment Sector: Are You Ready? Learn more Expanding your Footprint in the US Learn more Brand, Marketing and Sales – How Do They All Fit Together Learn more Episode 30: Henry Norton and Daniel Chatfield Learn more The New Purpose Of The Office – The Continuous Evolution Of Hybrid Working Learn more AI in Recruitment – The Future Might Just Be Here Learn more Performance turnaround and creating shareholder value with Investor, NED, Chairman Mark Braund Learn more The Minimum Standards of High Performing Recruiters Learn more Sustaining high performance in a changing world – Leon Taylor Learn more Episode 29: Simon Berry and Amber Hicks Learn more Meet the Chief Zookeeper! with Nigel Risner Learn more Obsessing about experience – a case study with Nick Eaves from Stanton House Learn more Episode 28: Michael Lantry and Neil Sullivan Learn more Using Data to Stand Out and Add Value to Clients Learn more What Exactly is Going on Right Now Across the Recruitment Industry? Learn more From Good to Great – The Inspiring Transformation of the KC Group with Sarah Grace Learn more Episode 27: Felicity Mackness and Sam Doshi Learn more Episode 26: Deirdre Finnerty and Lee Reynolds Learn more Building a Great Recruitment Business with Jon Coldridge Learn more Episode 25: Benjamin Smith and Richard Harris Learn more Leadership in Recruitment – Building a Successful Recruitment Business with Mark Bull Learn more Episode 24: Lawrence Bond and Sam Musgrave Learn more ‘Building Resilience’ with Dr Amanda Potter Learn more Episode 23: Lee Old and David Kitney Learn more A Case Study of Success with Consol Partners founders Marc Cohen and Graeme Hubert Learn more General Episode 22: Jo Guy and James Walker Learn more General Utilising Content to Drive Your Marketing Strategy with Adam Oldfield Learn more General Episode 21: Rupert Price and Rob Nelson Learn more General Breaking America with Amy Davies Learn more General Episode 20: Andy McMaster and Jack Bainger Learn more General Changes in The Workforce with John Nurthen Learn more General Episode 19: Lawrence Bond and James Osborne Learn more General Coaching Cultures with Carole Gaskell Learn more General Episode 18: Dale Swords and Toby Babb Learn more General Insights and Intelligence with Lorraine Twist Learn more General *TRN Special* Board Member vs Strategic Advisor: Simon Church and Mike Gawthorne Learn more General Building Communities with Hung Lee Learn more General Episode 16: Barry Maloy and Basia Kolosinska Learn more General Sales Profiling in Recruitment with Dominic Waters Learn more General Episode 15: Paul McClatchie and David Weir Learn more General Growing Antal International with Anthony Goodwin, Founder at Antal International Learn more General Episode 14: Lewis Byford and Alex Rawlings Learn more General Becoming a thought leader in your sector with Andy Davis, Director at Data X Connect Learn more General Episode 13: Sarah Davenport and Matthew Bennett Learn more General The building of Pro-Recruitment Group with Alison Humphries Learn more General Episode 12: Mairead Scott and Harry Bigwood Learn more General Making remote first work in your recruitment business with Claudia Gasson Learn more General Ep 11: Rupert Wallis and Nina Lockwood Learn more General D&I in Recruitment with Adam Tobias Learn more General Ep 10: Jane Abbott and Peter Shrimpton Learn more General Getting all over your data with Dave Sheppard Learn more General Ep 9: Emma Jones and Michelle Kilcar Learn more General The Key Traits from Startup to Estabilished Recruitment Business with Mike Bowler & Kim De’Ath Learn more General Ep 8: Martin Pickett and Ben Atfield Learn more General Mental Wellbeing in the Workforce with Rhonda D’Ambrosio Learn more General The Secret Side of an Exit with Marc Cohen Learn more General *TRN XMAS SPECIAL* Gordon Stoddart and James Osborne Learn more General Creating Value in Your Recruitment Business with Mike Gawthorne Learn more General Ep 6 – John Gaughan and Mark Dexter Learn more General Progressive Recruitment in 2023 with Keith Lewis Learn more General Ep 5 – Mike Scotney and Sarah Davenport Learn more General Leadership in Recruitment with Dawn Hampton Learn more General Ep 4 – Roisin McNamara and Philippa Smith Learn more General Ep 3 – Elliott Manning and Jonny Breeze Learn more General High Performance Leadership with Kate Marshall Learn more General Understanding Assessments with Ben Williams Learn more General Ep 2 – Alex Bond and Anthony Lewis Learn more General When the Clouds Come with Drew Povey Learn more General Ep 1 – Marcus Davies-Bateman & Chris Dunning-Walton Learn more General Breaking America with Josh Gitman and Miranda Ashley Learn more General Building Hero Recruitment with Michelle Kilcar Learn more General Looking at Talent Strategies Through a Global Lens with Barry Rudden Learn more General Fortitude with Bruce Daisley Learn more General Building Fifteen West with Sara McPhee Learn more General Creating Mutual Respect and Accountability with Rosie Wilby Learn more General Building Focus Cloud with Lloyd Gordon Learn more General Resilience in Leadership with Stuart Goldsmith Learn more General Evolving Your Recruitment Business with Psychology with Shay Dalton Learn more General Building Intuitive Interim & Executive Search with Nina Lockwood Learn more General Will it Make The Boat go Faster? with Harriet Beveridge Learn more General The Underlying Principles Behind Building La Fosse Associates with Simon La Fosse Learn more General The Key Principles That Have Grown The HR Heads Group with Jennifer Gaster Learn more General Powering Growth in 2023 and Beyond with Greg Savage Learn more General Unlocking your Elvis with Chris Barez-Brown Learn more General Building TN Recruits with Neil Simmons Learn more General Growing The Edward Mann Group with Martin Pickett Learn more General Addressing the Pay Gap with Michelle Gyimah Learn more General The Power of Empathy on Your Business Learn more General My Lessons Learnt with Liam Thomas Learn more General Transforming Business with Data with Alison Ettridge Learn more General Building a Recruitment Business with Passion with Chris Dunning-Walton Learn more General Managing Conflict with David Liddle Learn more General Understanding Experience Led Leadership with Caroline Lansbury Learn more General Creating a Unique Culture in your Recruitment Business with Will Fraser Learn more General Talent Intelligence with Toby Culshaw Learn more General Driving Forward Your D&I Strategy with Helen McGuire Learn more General Strategies and Tactics to Become and Employer of Choice with Hannah Howe and Amy Williams Learn more General Cultivating Human Performance with Jason Lauritsen Learn more General Accessing the Best Talent Using RecTech with Chris Russell Learn more General The Art of Having Difficult Conversations with Sue Ingram Learn more General The Robot-Proof Recruiter with Katrina Collier Learn more General The Art of Communication with Esther Stanhope Learn more General Sourcing Candidates in 2022 with Mark Lundgren Learn more General Building the Ultimate Team with Christian Hughes CEO at My People Learn more General World Class LinkedIn Basics with Jill Chitty Learn more General Recruiting College Graduates with Steven Rothberg Learn more General The Crazy Busy Cure with Zena Everett Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Dinette Koolhaas Learn more General Creating High Performing Teams with Mike Whatman Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Michelle Reilly Learn more General Leading and Influencing in 2022 with Lauren Jones Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Katy Rees Learn more General Better Leadership in 2022 with Dawn Hampton Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Amy Golding Learn more General Building Your Reputation with Justin Hillier Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Sarah Grace Learn more General Moving from Current Performance to your Potential with Pete Wilkinson Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Yvette Cleland Learn more General Unpacking the Art of Coaching with Raymy Boyle Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Stella Petrou Concha Learn more General Love Work with Sophie Devonshire and Ben Renshaw Learn more General Inspirational Women in Recruitment – Sara Gaughan Learn more General Flexible Working with Molly Johnson-Jones Learn more General Rebel Leadership with Larry Robertson Learn more General Providing value and the Power of Mentors with Neil Balter Learn more General The Friendship Advantage with Mo Fathelbab Learn more General Beyond the labels in divesity and inclusions – with Baroness Ruth Hunt Learn more General Scaling your recruitment businesses sales machine with Nicola Cook Learn more General Exiting your recruitment business with Mike Gawthorne and Simon Church Learn more General Shoemaker: The Untold Story of the British Family Firm that Became a Global Brand with Joe Foster Learn more General Dealing with Mental Health in Recruitment with Chris Stringer Learn more General Growing your recruitment business and taking it to exit with Marc Cohen Learn more General Untapped Talent – The inspirational story of 1 woman’s 10 year mission to give partners and spouses of serving members of the Armed Forces opportunity with Heledd Kendrick Learn more General Sell more retained business for your recruitment business with Louise Archer Learn more General Turning client relationships into better results with Ben Browning Learn more General The Power of Peers and Networking with Leo Bottary Learn more General Leadership through uncertainty in recruitment in 2021 with Glen Daley Learn more General Technology and AI in recruitment with Adam Dale of SourceBreaker Learn more General Building your recruitment business using the subscription model with Robbie Kellman Baxter Learn more General Inside Talent Acquisition with Paul Modley Learn more General Building the Ideal Tech Stack for your Recruitment Business with Brad Dowden Learn more General Building better strategic partnerships with our clients – with Lisa Scales Learn more General Using video technology for diversity & inclusion – with Nellie Perrin and Emma Thomson Learn more General Recruiting in the USA & Canada with David Ellis Learn more General Getting you D&I initiatives in place with Ornella Nsio Learn more General Avoiding the Bad Hire with Dom Waters Learn more General How to be a big biller in 2021 with Steve Guest Learn more General Recruiting into the travel sector in a global pandemic with Basia Kolosinska Learn more General Use Pricing to Engage your Clients with Jon Brooks Learn more General James and Gordons 2020 Roundup Learn more General 8 Years of Excellence & Growth with Ed Steer Learn more General The Future of Remote Working with Darren Murph Learn more General The Influence Framework with Gerry O’Brion Learn more General Improve your Project Management with Brett Harned Learn more General Love your Imposter with Rita Clifton CBE Learn more General Diversity & Inclusion in Recruitment with Sandra Patel-Stewart and Alice Chance Learn more General Overcoming the Mind Monsters with Hazel Gale Learn more General Unlocking your Potential with Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi Learn more General Simplifying your Leadership with Molly Harvey Learn more General What now, what next – unique insights into the world of work with David D’Souza Learn more General How Future Human Behaviours will Impact Your Business Strategy with Thimon De Jong Learn more General A Look at the Recruitment Space with Rec 2 Rec Elliott Manning Learn more General Peak Performance – the Optimisation of our Potential with Jamil Qureshi Learn more General Personal Branding, Cold Calling and Content with Sean Anderson Learn more General Clowning Around with Emma Stroud Learn more General Working From Anywhere & The State of Recruitment with Ryan McCabe Learn more General Stand up Straight – Leadership lessons from Sandhurst with Paul Nanson Learn more General Focusing on Gen Z in the workforce with Jahkini Bisselink & Lecyca Curiel Learn more General Mental Toughness and the Psychology of Performance with Simon Harley Learn more General Personal Branding in Recruitment with Amelia Sordell Learn more General Working from home, data and insights with Nicholas Bloom Learn more General Managing Uncertainty in Business with Casper Berry Learn more General Amanda Wildman – Using Emotional Intelligence to Unlock Relationship Potential Learn more