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3 Expressive Illustrations on Leadership

3 Expressive Illustrations on Leadership

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

3 Expressive Illustrations on Leadership

3 Expressive Illustrations on Leadership,REX, is our Recruitment Expertise Dashboard, which contains a bank of videos to guide and motivate you on a number of subject areas. We cover Customer Experience, Sales, Recruitment, Marketing and Leadership. Here we take a deeper look into three of the Leadership videos which illustrate vital traits of a good leader.

Greatness- and what does it look like?

This animated illustration on Captain David Marquet’s talk on greatness and how we can achieve it in our businesses starts off with a scenario in the Navy. The Navy would normally be associated with leaders giving orders, but what happens when you give intent and not orders? Captain Marquet shows how with giving control to those you are leading, creates an environment for greatness. Letting people think for themselves moves the authority to where the information is, which allows more informed decisions to be made. Click on the image below to watch the video on REX.

The surprising truth about what motivates us- it’s not as simple as you may think!

Motivation is not a straightforward subject, but an illustration based on a talk by Dan Pink attempts to simplify it for us, to show that what we believe about it may not be true. The bigger the reward, the higher the motivation, right? Not necessarily! Depending on the task you are trying to motivate someone to do will define what kind of incentive you should offer. People have a desire to be self-directed especially with more sophisticated tasks, which rings true with what Captain Marquet talked about in the previous video. Leadership is not about giving orders, but allowing self-direction and decision making. Click on the image below to watch the video on REX.

Balanced Scorecard by Intrafocus UK

This video looks at leadership through a difference lens than the previous two. The viewpoint in this video is more from the standpoint of clarity. Being clear and what everyone is working towards within the business is a good leadership trait. By having a balanced scorecard for your business, gives everyone a clear direction in which to move, something to work for. Defining the end goal and overall vision of the business, but giving employees the scope to be able to figure out how to get there satisfies their need and want to be self-directed and make decisions. Click on the image below to watch the video on REX.

These three different videos all look at leadership, but from slightly different viewpoints. The take home message from all three is to be a good leader you must provide a clear direction, but allow people to use their own minds to make decisions. This way you produce the right environment for greatness, where everyone can satisfy their needs and wants and the business can prosper.

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