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5 Great Recruitment Blogs you Should be Reading

5 Great Recruitment Blogs you Should be Reading

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Last edited May 2, 2023

5 Great Recruitment Blogs you Should be Reading

It’s day 17 of our #TRNadvent, with it being a Saturday and almost the season for people to take time off, it’s always a good idea to keep a good blog to hand, so you’re not completely in the dark when you return in the new year.

It’s never been more important for Recruiters to keep their finger on the pulse in such a fast paced sector. The ebb-and-flow of the market is unpredictable and massive, so any Recruiter who is worth their salt will always keep a handful of great blogs on staff to keep them well informed.

So with that in mind, we’ve listed 5 of our favourite blogs for getting best-in-class tips and advice for some of the Industry best, and market developments that should help you effectively source and place candidates!

Social Talent

Ireland based Recruitment Tech Innovators Social Talent, are experts in all things digital and recruitment. Their services include industry leading sourcing technology and effective recruitment online training.

Social talent know Recruiting and the Industry inside out, and this is reflected through their insightful and engaging blog. From Industry insights, sourcing tips, consultant best-practices and weekly recruitment news stories; Social talent bring a wealth of knowledge that earns them a spot on your RSS feed!

Already a big fan of Social Talent? Johnny Campbell, CEO of Social Talent will be an expert at our January ‘Sales and Marketing’ Huddle in January 2017; his years of knowledge and enthusiasm will leave you inspired and filled to the brim with sourcing wizardry!


Have we got any Corporate Recruiters here? If so, then ERE Media’s Recruitment Blog should be on your visit list. Don’t let the fact that this blog is American dissuade you, you’ll find some excellent pockets of advice and wisdom for all levels in the Recruitment Industry. And what’s more important is they’ll advice you on how big Industry changes may affect you, vital for Recruiters who want to exploit opening markets.

Global Recruiter

Global Recruiter don’t only have one of the best Recruitment magazines, they also have a pretty great online blog. When a company has a presence that is world-wide it gives them some unique insights into the state of upcoming industry changes and views, perfect for recruiters that deal with overseas.

Global Recruiter analyse a lot of marketing leading reports from around the world, giving their thoughts and predictions that go with them, these reports are invaluable for predicting changes and looking for gaps that the savvy recruiter can utilise.

Global Recruiter are a trusted partner of The Recruitment Network and their CEO, Gary King is always present at our Huddles, engaging and discussing the most pressing issues with our members.

Sirona Says

Most of you would of heard of Andy Headworth of Sirona Consulting, he makes a great job of being a Recruiting Influencer in the industry and his enthusiasm and passion is testament to that.

UkRecruiter have crowned the Sirona Says blog with Blog of the year, two years in a row – with kind of accolade you know something is going right. And it is, Sirona says is packed with some excellent articles, that’ll make recruiters think a little outside the box. This kind of thinking is vital in such a tech driven world, where recruiters need to put on the hat of a marketer sometimes, and the Sirona Says blog will help you do just that.

Undercover Recruiter.

A beast of a blog that is consistently pumping out great content, their team of experts have an article for almost any problem you may be experiencing, and some you might even experience in the future. We see this blog as a real staple in any Recruiters toolkit, and is worth a visit weekly to get a good blog-binge and refresher.

Like our list? Disagree with it? Or perhaps you’ve got some go-to blogs for al your recruiting advice, get talking in the comment below, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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