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5 Top Tips for a Fool Proof Effective Marketing Strategy to Stand out from the Crowd

5 Top Tips for a Fool Proof Effective Marketing Strategy to Stand out from the Crowd

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 5, 2023

5 Top Tips for a Fool Proof Effective Marketing Strategy to Stand out from the Crowd

TRN Gold Partners, BlueSky PR, tell us their top 5 tips for a fool proof marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd in today’s noisy marketplace.

Today’s article is courtesy of our Gold Partners at BlueSky PR. BlueSky PR are specialists in PR and communications for recruitment, HR, business & higher education and other niche sectors, where their team provides media relations, quality content and thought leadership material for a range of recruitment clients.

As a partner of The Recruitment Network (TRN) we recently attended a taster session where industry representatives such as Jonathan Keen, Founder and CEO of Cognitive Group, Toni Cocozza, non-exec Director and business coach and James Osborne, Founder of The Recruitment Network, along with many others, came together to discuss the biggest hurdles and opportunities facing businesses today.

Challenges voiced from leaders at the event ranged from how to establish your brand and stand out in a noisy market, what the most effective strategies are for staff attraction and retention and finding the most successful way to engage with clients. In particular, attendees highlighted difficulties around how to stand out amongst the crowd on a plethora of platforms in the digital age, so with this in mind, here are our top tips for a fool proof effective marketing strategy to help you stand out from the crowd.

Be a thought leader

At a time when everyone can share content with anyone, it’s important to set yourself up as a ‘thought leader’ in your field. Producing engaging, relevant and informative content, not only demonstrates your expertise, but also positions you in such a way that the industry will look to you as a reliable and authoritative source of insight. Thought leadership pieces are key to showcasing your brand’s personality and knowledge and when giving your opinion – make sure you highlight your own niche experience. Clients and candidates want to hear from the trusted experts – so don’t shy away.

Involve others

While it is great to talk about why your company is the best on your website, social media and external outlets – a great way to build further credibility is to let others market for you. Candidate and client testimonials, stories and videos speak for themselves and allow for an emotional connection with your audience. This will truly benefit your firm’s competitive positioning in the market and aid relationship building by allowing your audience to see the evidence for themselves and hear positive experiences from others that they can relate to.

Align marketing and sales

It is important that both of these departments work in tandem together to allow the business to grow and develop succinctly. Marketing is integral in business development and sales are key for lead generation. If sales can utilise the quality content provided by marketing such as company campaigns and white papers, these can be given as a sneak preview for clients and to help convince potential leads. Not only will this combination strengthen a sales pitch but it also helps re-enforce on-going business growth and development. If teams can work cohesively together, they can increase revenue and brand awareness and marketing can assess how well sales are doing through adopted metrics.

Utilise all social channels

To really increase your reach and make the most of content, all social channels need to be employed. They are a necessity, but why? Social media is a great way to raise brand awareness, audience engagement and increase conversion rates. It is an organic source of information that attracts viewers but relies on optimising good content – from turning blogs into videos and infographics to ensuring copy is tailored and shared widely across channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Repurposing and sharing good content will amplify your success and can even lead to your next potential client!

Maintain consistency

Finally, consistency is key to maintaining a successful brand. While it can be easy to let regular content slip as other priorities take up your time, it’s important to communicate and feed into your audience’s interests constantly. Keeping relevant and up to date on current events is also essential to building your business and a stop – and – start approach won’t gain attention, loyalty or help you leverage your brand. Regular content is also no longer a nice-to-have, it’s now vital in order to maintain visibility and keep you and your business on the radar.

We love a discussion- what do you do to stand out in the noisy market? Comment below with your tips.

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