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80 Experience Touchpoints for Candidates & Clients

80 Experience Touchpoints for Candidates & Clients

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 2, 2023

80 Experience Touchpoints for Candidates & Clients

Enhancing the Client Experience

Provide every client with a consistently excellent experience. Develop a relationship and focus on the long-term success of the client. It’ll build your reputation, create client loyalty and stimulate referrals, and enable long term relationships with clients.  Here are a number of ways to stand out:

  1. Conduct and provide salary surveys
  2. Client entertainment -spend some social time with the client
  3. Invite clients on networking days and industry events
  4. Personalised gifts – research the client and send something meaningful
  5. Provide interview space and space for clients to train in
  6. Offer to sit in interviews
  7. Send handwritten cards -birthday/Christmas/anniversaries of working together
  8. Share market information
  9. Share relevant thought leadership blogs
  10. Seek consistent and systematic feedback
  11. Never compromise on the quality of candidates
  12. Maintain the same account manager
  13. Say no when you can’t help
  14. No bull – keep it honest at all times
  15. Research the employer branding – what do they stand for?
  16. Conduct video interviews of applicants and send to clients
  17. Spend a day in the clients’ offices to understand the business and culture
  18. Conduct a competitor Analysis – what are the clients’ competitors doing differently in terms of recruitment or employer branding
  19. Provide psychometric tests when presenting candidates
  20. Carry out role profiling to help client really understand what they are looking for
  21. Donate to client charity
  22. Donate a % of the fee goes to chosen charity
  23. Invite client to your company charity days
  24. Provide stats on the recruitment process
  25. Send out relevant third party promotional material
  26. Design and deliver value adding workshops
  27. Say thank you for their business
  28. Offer to conduct an employee engagement survey
  29. Train the clients in interviews
  30. Invite client to the company party
  31. Quarterly service review
  32. Buy something from the company to experience being the client’s client
  33. Coach client to understand client expectations
  34. Assist with brief writing
  35. Facilitate an assessment day for the client
  36. Set expectations about the process with the client
  37. Drop in post placement
  38. Provide the client with candidate’s feedback on the selection process
  39. Handwritten card to thank them for the business
  40. Deliver some relevant, value adding training for successful candidates


Enhancing the Candidate Experience

Provide every candidate with a consistently excellent experience. Develop a relationship and focus on the long-term success of the candidate or contractor. It’ll build your reputation, candidate loyalty and referrals, building your candidate pool. Here are a number of ways to stand out:

  1. Invest in preparing the candidate for the interview
  2. Send handwritten cards -birthday/Christmas/anniversaries of starting the new job
  3. Send seasonal gifts
  4. Invite to networking and industry events
  5. Provide them with market knowledge and salary benchmarking to help them understand salary ranges
  6. Invite to company socials to maintain the relationship
  7. Hold candidate or contractor events
  8. Provide advice and feedback on CV and their profile – Linked In/Twitter/Facebook
  9. First day at work – send them a little gift (cupcake)
  10. Take successful placements out to celebrate
  11. Take unsuccessful candidates out to talk next steps
  12. Meet after start date to check in – provide feedback to client
  13. Help with logistics and provide assistance with interview challenges
  14. Provide LinkedIn testimonials and recommendations
  15. Agree a responsiveness protocol
  16. Regular check in with all candidates – work out the appropriate frequency
  17. Provide payroll support to contractors
  18. Personal onboarding to support the client onboarding
  19. Be genuinely interested
  20. Keep candidates informed even if no news
  21. Provide career advice and coaching no just job advice – you’re looking for a long term relationship
  22. Take an interest in personal situation
  23. Provide discounts on training courses which would benefit them
  24. Refer to other recruiters and other companies if they are a better solution
  25. Share relevant industry news and blogs
  26. Give them membership of employee benefits schemes such as perk box
  27. Meet the candidate – invest in face time, including during the interview process
  28. Conduct appropriate research
  29. Check references as if you were the client
  30. Develop a robust briefing process and run through their understanding of brief
  31. Invite to the office to build the relationship
  32. Review and feedback on presentations if they have to do them
  33. Set clear expectations at beginning and provide good and honest feedback through out
  34. Follow up post placement and hold annual reviews with them
  35. Ask them for referrals and leads and reward them
  36. Coach for style and content of interviews.
  37. Send out regular bulletins to candidates
  38. Negotiate better packages on their behalf where justified
  39. Call them back in a timely and responsive matter
  40. Be honest about wanting successful candidates to become clients
  41. After 12 months, once you’ve established that the candidate is a success, drop a note to the client about how pleased you are

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