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Our Partner Highlights | 05

Our Partner Highlights | 05

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 5, 2023

Our Partner Highlights | 05

At The Recruitment Network we work closely with our partner organisations to offer the best in the way of knowledge, tips and advice for our members, but we also want to extend that to our readers too.Here at TRN we work closely with our partners, all of whom are experts in their field, to offer the best tips, knowledge and advice for our members. We want to extend some of this out to our readers too, so here are some of the insightful blogs, articles and news from them over the past few weeks.

BlueSky PR

Struggle to publish attention grabbing content and PR? Many businesses go through the same and it is difficult to think of ways to set you apart from the rest. But, do shock tactics really work in PR? BlueSky PR have written a blog all about this with 3 key points to remember when you’re creating your winning campaign.

Entering corporate awards can be a great PR exercise and an excellent way to enhance your brand and gain exposure for your recruitment business. But knowing how to write an award winning submission to the awards is half the battle. Well, BlueSky have you covered with their latest blog article on How to write a winning award submission.


Bullhorn have been analysing some key industry reports for one of their latest articles to look at key recruitment trends. We know that sourcing the right people with the right skills will be business critical. In fact, leaders anticipate spending nearly double on hiring over the next three years and one of the key things they have picked up on in the reports is about improving client satisfaction, on which they’ve written a blog on how to improve.

It’s a topic that is all over at the moment, but the GDPR deadline will be here before we know it. Bullhorn have written a really handy blog on 5 ways to educate your recruiters on the importance of data protection, as it is just as important that consultants are as aware of this as your back office staff.

A company is only as good as its employees and this is especially true in the recruitment industry, where relationships reign supreme. So, how can you train recruiters and salespeople to be effective and productive as quickly as possible? Well, this is where your CRM could come in. Bullhorn have written all about how you can use your Recruitment CRM as a secret weapon for Employee Onboarding.

Thomas International

What do you think of when you think of High Potential Employees? Do you think of When some high flyers, great leaders and fantastic success stories? You wouldn’t be alone. But have you considered that high potential could actually be a term that can be applied to everyone? Thomas tell us all about what high potential means for the ‘average’ employee in one of their latest articles which is a really interesting read.

Recently Thomas International have been involved in The ‘Big Bucks’ Sales Apprentice Challenge 2018 which is supporting the development of students to equip them with the skills to prepare them for a successful future career. It’s great to see our partners getting involved with initiatives like this, bringing in all important talent to the industry.

Access Group

Access Group have posted a couple of useful articles on screening just recently. With a 10 step checklist for safe screening that covers points from checking your techniques to developing a toolkit to ensure you cover all bases with your screening.

They also have an article on what recruitment agencies should be screening. Make sure you’re covering all of these areas when putting candidates forward to your clients and your clients will appreciate your comprehensive checks.

6CATS International

Compliance is crucial, especially with new legislation coming in and penalties for clamp down on the wrong-doers. The temptation for recruiters to take the toption that puts them in a better light with contractors could lead to disaster though. To avoid this make sure you have a read of 6CATS blog about getting your recruiters up to speed with contractor compliance.

Placing contractors overseas can be complicated with all the legislation surrounding it and if this is something you specialise in you’ll be familiar with A1 forms. 6CATS have recently delved deeper into the misuse of these forms and what recruiters need to know on them. Make sure you read this to avoid any problems.

Brookson One

It’s great to see our partners collaborating and this week Kingsbridge have written a blog for Brookson One on understanding the importance of keeping a close eye on your contract. This is a really handy and useful article for all those working with contractors. From payment terms to insurance obligations they’re all important things to consider in contracts.

A specialist contractor accountant is still just an accountant, like any other one you might find on the high street, but there are some key differences, which is where the ‘specialist’ part comes from. Brookson share with us the what a specialist contractor accountant is and how they can help you.

For more information on how your company can become a partner of The Recruitment Network please visit our Partners Page or give us a call on 0844 272 8990.

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