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Recruitment’s Favourite Millennial Jack Parsons Talks Talent & #GenerationNow

Recruitment’s Favourite Millennial Jack Parsons Talks Talent & #GenerationNow

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Last edited May 2, 2023

Recruitment’s Favourite Millennial Jack Parsons Talks Talent & #GenerationNow

The Recruitment Network interviews Jack Parsons, CEO of YourFeed and Talent Trailblazer.

Here at The Recruitment Network we’re thrilled to interview Jack Parsons CEO of yourfeed (@yourfeeduk). Jack has already amassed an impressive reputation in the staffing industry all at the age of 23!

Jack’s main goal is to connect two million young people (whom Jack refers to as the #GenerationNow) to commercial opportunities by 2020. So it’s safe to say Jack is somewhat an expert in younger talent and the staffing industry. So we’ll be asking Jack about the #GenerationNow, how we as Recruitment Leaders can attract and retain younger talent and what the future holds for Recruitment.

Jack will be part of 100 recruitment professionals all coming together in June at The Recruitment Network’s summer retreat, who will also be joined by the likes of Sir Clive Woodward, Derek Redmond, Jamil Qurshi, Jeff Grout, Jon Dweck and many others – we’ll be generating some incredible new ideas and initiatives over the two days which we’ll be reporting back on later in the month.

In the meantime, this is what Jack had to say about the #GenerationNow…

Hi Jack it’s great to ask you some questions to get your unique insight into the mind-set of not only todays but the future generation of job seekers.

What was your motivation to start yourfeed?

“I really wanted to pioneer a movement for young people, as a fellow young person, I’ve also been let down by the education system, so I understand the struggles that we go through. They are our future doctors, footballers & our very own prime minister.”

What’s the mission of yourfeed?

“To pioneer a movement to change the way that industry interacts with education, young people and their working life. “

What do you think some of the biggest challenges are for the younger generation in finding work?

“Lack of experience means that employers will hardly look at you. It should be about what you can do not what you have done.”

You talk a lot about the #GenerationNow, tell us a bit more about this term and who they are?

“#GenerationNow is our name for young people or matter of fact anyone who wants to up-skill themselves professional now, I truly believe that age is a mindset but in physical terms a #GenerationNow will be between the ages of 16-32”

What are #GenerationNow job seekers looking for when it comes to careers and employment?

“They are looking for brands they can be passionate about working for and who are making a good impact on the global market. They want to feel wanted, respected and happy”

What is your advice on employers when it comes to attracting the younger generation?

“Instead of requesting CV’s, request showcases, tell them that they have to grab your attention for 5 minutes with anything that relates to the job.”

We hear a lot about millennials only having a job expectancy of 2 years. What’s your opinion on how long someone from the GenerationNow will stay in a single job?

“If a company ticks all the right boxes for GenerationNows, they are extremely loyal. They simply want the best and they will continue to look for that perfect environment for them to grow.”

What can employers do right now to keep talented younger generations to stay at their company?

“Talk to them and engage them about ideas to improve the workplace, the younger generation are usually buzzing with ideas and energy, if you’re able to channel that into their work then you’ve got yourself loyal colleagues. “

How important is social media to you and your success with you personally and yourfeed?

“Without Social Media I would never be able to display who I am and where I’m going globally. Social Media is the most important tool in our arsenal and I’m still proud of the fact that it’s all organic engagements as we don’t pay for any marketing from my personal brand side and now reach 2.7 million people monthly.”

Do you have any advice to recruitment leaders who’re looking to use social media to help their brand?

“If you’ve not got a strong personal brand, why should people meet with you? You’ve got to showcase yourself online so that you can engage with people and let them get to know you even before you meet them.”

What do you think the future holds for recruitment?

“In the future, Industry will have integrated with education so they college will be called the yourfeed, Google or Facebook academies.”


Jack also commented on his upcoming appearance at The Recruitment Network retreat:

I’m looking forward to the industry coming together and working as a team. We currently live with a mindset that every recruiter is your competitor. I am hoping that this event will bring us all together more.”

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member of The Recruitment Network, and being part of one of the most progressive support and growth clubs for recruitment leaders, email me at or call us at 0844 272 8990.

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