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The Customer Experience Calculator – What’s your CX worth Financially?

The Customer Experience Calculator – What’s your CX worth Financially?

Written by Gordon Stoddart

Last edited May 8, 2023

The Customer Experience Calculator – What’s your CX worth Financially?

While we all know instinctively that it makes sense to look after clients and candidates, it can sometimes be difficult to quantify the financial impact of delivering a consistently excellent experience. If we don’t how what it’s worth, the chances are we won’t make it happen. 


Typically, when recruiters at any level are asked what great customer and client experience is worth, they’ll usually reply along the line of, ‘It’s priceless’. This works for a MasterCard advert, but in reality, this doesn’t inspire people to get on board or tell them what they need to be doing.

If our team are really going to put significant effort and energy into delivering a great customer experience across the board, then we need to have a clearer vision of how much it’s potentially worth.

Client and candidate retention, increased business from satisfied clients, reduced margin sensitivity and referrals all come from developing a strong reputation with clients on the back of delivering consistent experiences and meeting and beating expectations. But what impact will it have & how can we measure that?

Well, that’s where the Customer Experience Calculator comes in. It’s completely free and can be used as a very simple yet powerful tool to help all consultants understand the financial impact of getting this right.

We’ve produced a quick video going through the how to use the calculator. If you’d like to download your own copy of the tool, fill in the form below to do so:

Using the Tool:

  • Click on the tab at the bottom of the attached tool depending on whether you are looking at Perm or Contract Recruitment
  • Complete the grey boxes with average numbers
  • Look in the box on the top right-hand side to see how much it’s worth to you if you deliver excellence and turn a transactional placement into a long term relationship

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