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The Recruitment Spirit with Global Recruiter

The Recruitment Spirit with Global Recruiter

Written by James Osborne

Last edited May 3, 2023

The Recruitment Spirit with Global Recruiter

Door 4 of our #TRN Advent Calendar. Never mind the Christmas Spirit, in 2018 and beyond the industry needs to hang on to The Recruitment Spirit.Never mind the Christmas Spirit, in 2018 and beyond the industry needs to hang on to The Recruitment Spirit. This is the spirit of delivering a great service in the face of adversity. The spirit of going that extra mile to deliver value when all around you are cutting corners and racing to the bottom. The spirit of innovation, of doing something new, just for that client or that candidate, because that’s what you can do.

The reason why we need this spirit is because the industry in 2018 will be at the epicentre of two huge forces. Two forces which are, in turn, part of something bigger than the recruitment industry itself. Sounds dramatic, so start the drum roll – although you may be a little disappointed when those forces turn out to be the often touted compliance and technology. But why are these so important?

Firstly, technology is not just here for your job (not necessarily to take it, but certainly to alter it) it’s also here for the jobs you’re trying to fill. Secondly, compliance is not just about pleasing HMRC, it’s about pleasing everybody in the context of the gig economy. Jobs are changing, how jobs are arranged are changing and there will be yet more new (exciting?!) and puzzling rules, regulations and definitions to get your head round.

The issue isn’t particularly that these are forces within the recruitment industry – it’s that they’re coming from outside the industry. Technology, AI, chatbots, auto-completion of orders, new website platforms and more are being used by other industries, so they’re going to be tried out on the recruitment industry as well. The demand for an increasingly flexible workforce is coming from workers and employers alike – so if recruiters want to be part of that supply chain, don’t they need to get on board?

Big questions, and they come with no easy single answer. The fact is it depends. It depends on your business, sector, clients, candidates, job roles, USP, KPIs and on and on and on…

But be of good cheers: The Recruitment Spirit will guide you onwards, like the light from a bright, bright star, leading the way to recruitment Utopia – a better place for the industry and all for whom it works. Hold on to the reason why you do this job, hold on to your passion, your beliefs and your care – because no amount of computer code can emulate that, and no amount of red tape can hold it back.

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